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You're Gonna Find Me, Out In The Country

I was at Guildford today for Day 3 of Surrey v Kent. I was on the twitter feed as much as the very variable signal allowed and saw the hints that the announcement of the test team had been put back. 1,130 more words


TWILIGHT (1998) - Paul Newman, James Garner, and other veterans at their finest

Among the many virtues of the movie thriller Twilight:

(1) A successful modern-day film noir, full of world-weary gumshoes, the privileged rich, and lots of corpses. 289 more words


Aces - Tarot and the Seasons - (THE ACE OF CUPS)

Again, another wonderful attribute of the Tarot deck are the FOUR Aces within the deck that are relative to each suit of the deck:  CUPS, SWORDS, PENTACLES, WANDS. 105 more words

Pasta + Paul Newman

Pasta is officially the only food I will need daily, as well as my 5 a day of course, and now I can see why my namesake heroine Audrey Hepburn really loved pasta. 581 more words

Hollywood Hunks (Vintage Edition): The Men of Old Hollywood Who Made Us Melt

Hi everyone! I’ve recently been bingeing on classic movies (one of my favorite ways to waste time and procrastinate) and I was realizing just how dreamy many of the male stars from vintage movies were. 590 more words


The Verdict (1982)

Frank Galvin (Paul Newman) is a good lawyer fallen. It’s a rarity not to see one of his hands slipping a business card into a grieving widow’s palm or clasped around a shot glass. 163 more words