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Big-League Historian Examines Gay Life

Interesting piece on Stanford historian Paul Robinson. He didn’t come out to colleagues until 1982 but now writes and teaches gay culture. He published Gay Lives: Homosexual Autobiography from John Addington Symonds to Paul Monette in 1999 and started teaching a freshman seminar on gay autobiography in 2000. 50 more words

Gay Books

Hits and Misses – 15-19 Sep 2014



Now, we all know Neighbours doesn’t have a huge budget and their track record for huge stunts may not be fantastic – because of this I think we were all a little unsure when the show announced the intention to do a tornado storyline. 603 more words


Eerie Laughter in the Mess Hall of Kemper Military Academy

From Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson.

Paul and the two team members from St. Louis decided to set up our base for the investigation in the old mess hall of the barracks. 524 more words

Larry Wilson

Quote of the Week - 8-12 Sep 2014

Paul: You could always come and work for me.
Naomi: Oh yeah – what positions can you offer?
Paul: I can think of a few.

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Review for A Handful of Stars at Trafalgar Studios

This is a relatively old one now, figured it’s worth putting up though. It was a good production. Read the play!…I don’t mind



Hits and Misses - 1-5 Sep 2014


Cat Fight

No contest, our top spot this week had to go to the rather epic Imogen and Amber cat fight. After weeks of tension, it finally erupted in an all-out brawl and probably rivals Rebecca’s wrestle with Lyn as one of the all-time greatest fights in Neighbours history. 476 more words


Quote of the Week - 25-29 Aug 2014

Paul: I’m telling you now, being a single parent is not easy!
Lucy: How would you know? You just spread your seed and let your exes do all the work!

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