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Paul Silas on Cavs: "If They Want to Win Right Now, Getting Kevin Love Is The Right Thing To Do"

Former NBA and Cavs head coach Paul Silas joined Bull & Fox to talk about his playing days under coach Lenny Wilkens, LeBron James’ return to Cleveland and his reaction to his decision to come back, his belief that the Cavs will win a championship, how LeBron has matured over the last few years, how long it will take Andrew Wiggins to realize his potential and whether he would make a trade to acquire Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving’s ceiling alongside LeBron, if the Cavs could embrace Carlos Boozer again and whether Michael Jordan ever talked with him about LeBron during his tenure with the Charlotte organization. 107 more words


Meeting Paul Silas

Current NBA fans might remember Paul Silas for his recent coaching stint with the struggling Charlotte Bobcats. Before that time, however, Silas was a sixteen year NBA veteran. 263 more words