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Turkish Delight

"Don't like it. I want some sweets."
- Olga
"Turkish delight."
- Erik
"I can't, my tooth is loose."
- Olga
Dir: Paul Verhoeven                        ¬†DoP: … 58 more words

Trouble Loves Robocop: Bullets, Breaking Glass & Falling

Because the internet would not be complete without a video containing all of the breaking glass, extended death scenes, explosions and epic falls in the original Paul Verhoeven masterpiece Robocop, starring the inimitable Peter Weller. 31 more words

Jessica Lakis

Total Recall (1990)

Recall, Recall, Recall… the last time you felt this good about an Arnold film. This is one of his better films, along with Terminator of course. 110 more words


Robocop (2014)

It’s impossible to watch this film without the 1987 original being on your mind. Paul Verhoeven’s classic movie was such a perfect film, part action-thriller, part satire, part commentary of the times in which it was made, a remake/reboot seems so unnecessary, other than as an opportunity to make some easy money from an established IP and fanbase. 340 more words


Old-school Sunday: Total Recall (1990)

I know, I know – “old-school Sunday” is both an extremely lame name and shows how young I am for calling a film made in 1990 “old-school.” Well it’s staying because I like the idea and the name is just cheesy enough to be awesome. 1,006 more words