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The un-anchoring of inflation expectations - 1970s style monetary policy, but now with deflation

In country after country it is now becoming clear that we are heading for outright deflation. This is particularly the case in Europe – both inside and outside the euro area – where most central banks are failing to keep inflation close to their own announced inflation targets. 1,758 more words

Euro Crisis

Prabowo Subianto di Mata Lee Kuan Yew (1)

Siapa tak kenal negarawan satu ini? Arsitek pembangunan Singapura tersebut tampak masih sehat untuk ukuran orang seusianya. Pikirannya masih tajam, jauh dari kesan pikun. Ucapannya lancar tak peduli usianya sudah 90 tahun. 328 more words


Rail hike: India needs a bitter pill and Modi must not fall prey to ‘rollback’ culture

The Narendra Modi government has come in for a lot of criticism for raising the railway fares. The criticism has been particularly acute in Mumbai, where the prices of suburban railway season tickets have doubled and in some cases even trebled. 1,288 more words


Paul Volcker Slams The Fed: "The Kind Of Stuff That You’re Being Taught At Princeton Disturbs Me"

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“The responsibility of any central bank is price stability. I was at the helm at that time. Price stability is two percent inflation, which we can’t closely control anyway. 92 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

If 2% Is The New 4%, Where Would The Economy Go From There? Let’s Think It Uber!


One of the most provocative articles in the financial media relating the economy in recent weeks was a brief note by CNBC contributor Ron Insana — one of the folks on that network who consistently knows what he is talking about  –  calling attention to the determination of the major central banks to treat the threat of deflation (not inflation) as pubic enemy number one in a battle he concluded… 1,326 more words