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Lick the Barrel & Aim For the Truth: Part Two

I was scrolling through Netflix and I came across a film cover that had Paul Walker on the front. It made me start to think about a lot of things… 1,020 more words


'Brick Mansions' - Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: May 2nd 2014

US remake of 2006’s Pierre Morel’s ‘District 13’, ‘BRICK MANSIONS’, features original parkour star David Belle and the late (in his final completed role) Paul Walker. 355 more words

'Supermen' is the Featured Music Video This Week!

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Don Lichterman

Brick Mansions - DVD review 3.5/5 stars

An absolute remake  of Luc Besson’s 2004 film District 13 (or Banlieue 13 in French), Brick Mansions deviated only slightly from the original, which makes perfect sense since Besson did write both screenplays.  556 more words

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FLIX: Brick Mansions is all parkour and not much else

Brick Mansions (USA 2014)

  • Directed by Camille Delamarre
  • Written by Luc Besson
  • Starring Paul Walker, David Bell, RZA et al
  • Viewed on Hilton PPV

If there’s an upside to dumping 10-12 ounces of water on my XPS Ultrabook and frying it like my brain on really good, hard-to-find drugs yesterday, it’s that I couldn’t publish my original review of… 606 more words


Continúa La Maldición De Aaron Ramsey

Cuando Aaron Ramsey gana un famoso muere… o al menos así dicen.

Al parecer cada vez que el jugador del Arsenal anota gol algún famoso pierde la vida. 245 more words


Vin Diesel reveals a 'Fast & Furious 7' photo...

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

With ‘Fast 7‘ having supposed to have been released this year it was postponed due to the death of late actor… 290 more words

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