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Another Gospel (Documentary)

Have you believed in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, or are you working your way into hell? Join brother Mark Sennett, of Proclaim His Word, as he biblically explores the much debated and damning doctrine of, “Lordship salvation.”

Rosario 'Charo' Washer Interview!

I have always been a proponent of the old adage that says, “Behind every man is a good woman.” Er, is that, “Behind every good man is a woman?” Well, whatever way you wish to say it, I believe there is much truth in it. 1,996 more words


Paul Washer: 10 Indictments Against the Modern Church, Parts 1 & 2

Paul Washer looks critically at failings within the modern North American church, including the “Sinner’s Prayer”, in which people can easily develop a false sense of salvation based on a false gospel. 113 more words


The Round-Up (April 12-13)


What A Woman Is Worth – A book announcement from a woman who has battled self-worth issues her entire life, not the least of which has been caused by the rampant perversion of men in America.   242 more words

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Bible Bulimia: Binge and Scourge

To qualify what I am about to discuss, I need to first explain the nature and heart of my local church Straightway Ministries. The fellowship was founded in the midst of a burden deeply seeded in men of God who were starving in their local churches.  824 more words


You Know You're a Sinner

Sometimes I come across folks who like to kick against the idea that they are a sinner or that they have done something wrong in the eyes of God.  568 more words