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Is it possible to generate a JAD file that already contains the JAR URL?

When using CodenameOne to produce builds for J2ME, the resulting JAD file always contains a blank entry for the MIDlet-Jar-URL attribute. Is there a way of specifying the URL in the project, so I don’t have to edit the JAD by hand after every build? 22 more words

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Paul's Prayer

For the fourth and last section of my “November Thankfulness” Bible study, we are studying prayer.  In this study we will be covering a prayer that Paul prayed for the brethren in Ephesus in the Book of Ephesians 1:15-19. 229 more words


Spiritual Hunger Games

I went earlier this week and saw Mockingjay Part 1 from the Hunger Games series and walked away feeling many emotions.. I personally enjoyed the movie but what I left with was so much more than “just a movie feeling.” I left thinking what if one day being a Christian I had to make a choice to defend God. 180 more words


Thanksgiving: Refreshing Hearts

Philemon 1:4-7

Thanksgiving Day is over, the Black Friday shopping aisles have been exhausted, the turkey has turned into sandwiches and soups, and the Christmas trees are going up.  386 more words


All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque Review

I think I have just been amazed. I need to reread again, and again, and again.

According to the edition that I borrowed from the library, … 411 more words

What About The Leftovers?

So it’s the day after thanksgiving. You spent all month working and planning for that big meal. Many of you had to battle traffic and airport security just to make it to see your family! 588 more words

Cannot add any content in my custom cell using a .xib file?

I cannot get the content from my custom cell’s xib file, the cells are empty, the cell .xib file only contains a UILabel, then the code in the Master class (in a Master-Detail project) is as follow : 118 more words

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