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Our Weaknesses Are Beautiful Road Signs

Sometimes my weaknesses make me question the goodness of God.

“Why would God let me sin? Why can I sin? Why do I even have the ability to sin? 1,494 more words

The Bible

Reflecting on the Church's Heterocissexist Issue

In the opening chapter of Gifted By Otherness (buy it here on Amazon), M.R. Ritley reminds us that the “problem” of LGBT+ people in Christianity is in reality a problem of unchecked heterocissexism in the church: 531 more words

Faith Gender & Justice

One Classroom, Three Steps, One Mission.

It’s been a while…I know. But has anyone ever told you how mud work it takes to be a teacher? I don’t want to lecture you about what “I’ve” done over the past two months–but if I could go back in time and only begin to appreciate how much work my teachers put into me before they even knew who I was, I certainly would. 623 more words


Heart trained in greed

2Peter 2:14: having eyes full of desire for an adulteress and unceasing from sin, enticing unstable persons, and having hearts trained for greediness. Accursed children! 1,117 more words


Examining the "Red Letter" Hermeneutic

In this day and age where the secular worldview has set itself squarely against the Christian worldview in a number of hot button issues, many people are attempting to stand on a non-existent “middle ground”. 881 more words


VoD: Heb 12:14

What is important to see here is that Paul is not saying to be weak or to surrender one’s faith. Instead, we are to be the ones of peace by lifting up each and holding each other accountable. 239 more words


Remembering the body of Jesus Christ

09.01.2014 New Testament: 1Co 11.23–24

To read the Bible in a year, read First Corinthians 11.17–34 on September 1, In the year of our Lord 2014… 150 more words

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