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Secreteriat of the Committee Against Torture UNOG -Office of the High Commission for Human Rights 8-14 Avenue de la Paix CH -1211 Geneva 10 Switzerland IN THE MATTER OF NEW ZEALAND’S 5th PERIODIC REPORT Additional information to the submission by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) New Zealand for the United Nations Committee Against Torture on Recommendation 11, Allegations of ill-treatment. 5,947 more words

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Phil Twyford - sexist action?

In Question time in Parliament today Labour MP Phil Twyford got catty when questioning Paula Bennett, as reported in Beehive Live.

Hamish Rutherford@oneforthedr
Phil Twyford mimics cat swiping at Paula Bennett.

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Lake Alice NZ payout explained

What might not be widely known was that there was $132 million liability fund set aside in the NZ Government Budget, just to deal with the Lake Alice cases; of which they settled outside of court, without trial or hearing or precedents or legal liability of ill-treatment or torture, for $6.5 million    The payouts were also ex gratia, not proper compensation and merely settling an out of court civil action against the Government. 486 more words

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Does National have a mandate to sell state houses?

There is strong opposition to Nationals plans to sell some state houses into community ownership with a shift to more private social housing that would be subsidised by the Government. 248 more words