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Racism and reconciliation

NOTE: I preached this sermon at the Murri Evangelical Church (a Baptist church) in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, on the first anniversary of the 1996 Australian federal election which swept Pauline Hanson onto the national political stage. 2,058 more words

Sermons By Rod Benson

Jacqui Lambie Speaks in Public

Senator Jacqui Lambie has earned herself a lot of media attention in the past four months, as she gains notoriety for her extreme policies and outrageous public faux pas, all declared in the name of national security. 745 more words

Graphical Manipulations #110: Monkeys, Resurrection, Ratifications, Toadery, Pillocking And Word Abuse!

I guess by now readers of these Graphical Manipulations, and other articles on this blog, have come to the realisation that the author has a predilection towards socialism – SHOCK! 666 more words

Vampire rises from the grave

A creaking sound echoed down the greasy corridor. Dripping with pig fat, the solidified oil on the walls had long since turned into the accumulated coffins of bugs, flies and whatever other insects found themselves trapped to the sticky refuse. 448 more words


A Career Zombie Arises Again to Feast on Ignorance.

If there’s one moron in ‘Australian politics’ (a term to be used loosely since she hasn’t formally been in politics for 15 years) I’ve been consistently railing against for years, it’s Pauline Hanson. 667 more words


Not Again! Pauline Hanson Slithers Back To Elective Politics

THE MURDOCH PRESS reports today that former MP, One Nation founder, repeatedly defeated candidate and general embarrassment Pauline Hanson is set to resume in elective politics, having reclaimed the leadership of the party she founded 17 years ago; this news is a joke, and whatever Hanson’s latest motive or whatever “emergency” she purports to seek to solve, Australia “needs” Hanson like the proverbial hole in the head. 744 more words

Is Jacqui Lambie the new Pauline Hanson?

FAIRLEA POLMEAR – “If he thinks that Pauline Hanson was a pain in the rear end, Tony Abbott better look out” provoked Jacqui Lambie in 2013 before winning a senate seat as a member of the Palmer United Party (PUP). 605 more words