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What if…

What if we all just paused for one moment to see ourselves as seen by our Maker? Perfectly imperfect. Beautiful children gracing the planet with love and light, when we shine. 10 more words


Some ramblings

The other night as I was falling asleep, I opened up the Notes app and jotted this down:

“Lately, thinking about life has felt like the frustrating helplessness of trying to remember the right word that perfectly fits with whatever description you’re trying to convey. 150 more words



Two tricks about a cricket buzz

The bat-bat-bat of twine

A crinkled chance of solitude

Carved within a sigh

The quietest green an old man saw… 107 more words



Precious moments found
In pausing to simply be,
Relishing their company
Without any hidden agenda.

No need to plug the gaps or
Fill the time, 26 more words


How can I output to a GUI, pause, then output something else (for instance using SwingWorker)?

I’m making a simple text-based turn-based combat game in Java (as a learning exercise, so I’m trying to understand everything I do) and I want to simulate the opponent taking a turn. 466 more words



I just yawned. Today was fun, but exhausting. It’s so tempting to just go to bed and close my eyes, just shut everything up for a night, to rest. 384 more words