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Pushing the Pause Button

I walked into a teacher’s classroom to check in because we hadn’t been able to meet for a few weeks. The paraprofessional in her room said she was meeting with the principal, so I said I’d come back at a later time. 556 more words

Taking it Slowly

Happy Sunday! Here are a couple reminders to keep it slow on this autumn day.  May your Sunday be spacious and free! xoxox Bex

I need to take a sacred pause, 34 more words



One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen.This talks about things that almost everyone fails to observe,this touches the points that are often not seen and the beauty and the amazement they have to offer are completely missed out.What a waste? 35 more words



I was reading a magazine today and came across the bio of the author: ‘she balances being senior editor with yoga and teaching’, or something of the kind. 553 more words

Solid resources on sound and recording

Tape Op and Audio Cookbook are highly recommended by my friend Hans tB, who has worked widely in sound for music, commercials and film (including… 8 more words


November 20, 2014

voices without pause
forget to listen for truth
owl flies in silence

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