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Curry and paws~

No, not paws in the curry! Jiji’s paws just made an appearance. Either way, yummy curry is finally done! This one is S&B, but my favorite is Vermont curry! Vermont uses honey ♡


Why do dogs sniff each other's butts?

According to the American Chemical Society it’s all about literally sniffing out important information about the other such as gender, emotional state, diet, and more


PAWS - " Owls Talons Clenching My Heart " Live on KEXP

Scottish band PAWS have just played a great set t the Deer Shed Festival in north Yorkshire, with the band clearly enjoying themselves this track taken from the KEXP radio session features the single from the new album, Youth Culture Forever.


July On The Go!

This month flew by and I really don’t know where the time went. I flew myself down to Jeju to do a little work and do a little play for two weeks and actually, I’m still here! 385 more words


Babou and Dali

For a time, Babou, the ocelot, wore a stone studded collar and accompanied the flamboyant Dali almost everywhere he went. Dali once said that she was “nothing more than a normal cat which he had “painted over in an op art design.” 79 more words


The best of fun is the worst of tears

The best of fun is the worst of tears” is what I used say to my kids when I was dragging them away from a party or a friends house where they were having lots of fun. 264 more words

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