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Hopping on the Borderlands Pre-Sequel Hype Train

First off, sorry bout the delay between posts – I took last week off to get out and enjoy the nice weather we’ve finally been getting up here. 861 more words

PAX East 2014: Panels

In general I will spend most of my time at any convention in the panels. I’m really grateful NYCC having a preview night as it gives me a chance to see their show room floor much more than I ever would without it. 4,475 more words


PAX East 2014: Inside The Indie Megabooth

The indie scene has been rising every year at the Penny Arcade Expo thanks in large part to the Indie Megabooth, a section of the show floor highlighting smaller independent developers and their games. 1,222 more words


The Circle of Life Shout Pit.

Circle of life

Oh technical difficulties, how we did not miss you. This week we discuss the games that we really have not been playing. We talk some Broforce and Goat Simulator. 201 more words


Final PAX Roundup

Dan Brian shot and edited a great little video about our PAX experience and launching slash in general. IT IS ON THE INTERTUBES!


PAX East 2014: Crashing Cars In Ubisoft's The Crew

I’ll fully admit that I’m a sucker for arcade style racers. Give me blazing speeds, unrealistic jumps, and slamming cars over realistic simulation racing any day. 786 more words