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Monday Funday: Airbnb balls-up, grilled coke and a flying Jack Russell

Ahh yes, Monday.

The best day of the week for the following people: pub landlords (no late night tonight), chefs (thank God that weekend’s over), people whose birthday it is (happy birthday me), the unemployed (hello lie-in) and those that read Speak Media’s Monday Funday. 240 more words

Monday Funday

'One nation Tory' Paxman perfect for Top Gear say BBC

After finally admitting he is a ‘one nation Tory’ and that he disagrees with the political leanings of his former bosses, the BBC have announced they are lining Jeremy Paxman up to present Top Gear. 145 more words


The Paxman Inquisition

“ aim to engage with ordinary people much more. But I think poetry has rather connived at its own irrelevance […] I’d like to see some sort of inquisition in which poets were called to account for their poetry and they had to appear before a panel of ordinary people to explain why they chose to write about the particular subject they chose to write about.” (Jeremy Paxman) 39 more words


Paxo Packs His Bags

Old #Paxo the BBC anchor/

Grills prominent types without rancour/

But uses his sneer/

To make it quite clear/

If one of them’s being a wanker. 16 more words

MPs delighted as man who asked difficult questions retires

Politicians breathed a sigh of relief yesterday, after Jeremy Paxman presented Newsnight for the last time ever.

Many MPs heralded “A new dawn” and “A golden age for politics”, and enthused over the possibilities of giving interviews in which they will no longer have to say anything they don’t want to. 270 more words


End of an Era

A bit like a walk through town brings the old observation that the police are getting younger, the news brings evidence that my lifetime has seen myriad social and technological change that has made the world of my memory and the present, different countries. 527 more words


(Poetry) Prizes are the Best

Victor comes up with the best words in the best order. Victor publishes words on the best paper with the best publisher. Victor has the best influences and the best line breaks. 374 more words