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What should really get you mad about Wall Street's overpaid 22-year-olds

The young money is about to get more of it. That’s unlikely to make the Occupy Wall Street crowd happy. But maybe it should.

Goldman Sachs , Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase have announced or are reportedly set to give as much as a 20% raise to their junior bankers. 765 more words


How do you avoid appearing 'difficult' when declining to tell a recruiter your last salary?

Answer by Michael Wolfe, startup founder

People will rarely call you “difficult” because of what you say. It will more typically be because of how you say it. 1,468 more words


Pay problem continues at top private equity firm Apollo

Leon Black, last year’s highest paid private equity executive, isn’t backing away from handing out big pay checks, even if his firm’s performance doesn’t seem to justify it. 644 more words


Would you quit a lucrative job you hate for a lesser paying gig you might like?

Answer by James Liu, founder at BoxCat

I left a six-figure, ex-pat, management position with daily per-diem, paid for apartment, an entire office, and several employees I was in charge of. 1,082 more words


Is the economy a good reason to look at Employee Benefits?

Yes…………….. but not for the reasons you may think!

Every day when you read the paper, or watch the news there are countless articles that relate to the economy. 655 more words

Employee Benefits

It's okay to mention pay in a first or second interview

Haven’t looked for a new job in a while? You might be surprised at some of the ways job hunting has changed lately. For one thing, especially in fields like accounting, finance, marketing, and IT where competition for top talent is intense, getting hired is often a lot faster now than it was a few years ago. 397 more words


Hey Wal-Mart, annotate this!

Wal-Mart wants the world to know I can’t add.

On Monday, David Tovar, the giant retailer’s director of communications, wrote in a blog post on Wal-Mart’s corporate website that Fortune.com and I were not credible sources of information. 1,118 more words