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It's Payday!

It’s payday so I thought I’d talk a little bit about my finances. Money has been the one area in my life I have always struggled with. 946 more words


Scentsy Payday-EARLY!

Today is Scentsy pay day TWO days early! Yeah, we’re spoiled like that! My husband also got paid today! GUESS WHAT? HIS check for 2 weeks of pay, commuting to Woodburn 5 days a week, working 8 (sometimes more) hours of work was only $.97 more than what MY check was for a month-not even working 40 hours the whole month! 137 more words

How to make the best of your summer job

Summer jobs provide us with much-needed spending money, but they can have drawbacks. While on the clock, many of us wish we were anywhere but at work and count the minutes until the end of our shifts. 418 more words

Collegiate Life

Pay Day: August 2014

Today penguins who are registered as tour guides and/or EPF agents will get 250 and/or 350 coins respectively as a salary from the tour guide company and/or EPF. 57 more words

Club Penguin Pay Day

Pay day #01August 2014

August has arrived! …and that means its pay day :) 350 coins for keeping Club Penguin safe :) …and 250 coins for giving tours of club penguin :) Hooray! :)
Club Penguin


Another day,

another dollar…




Debt City, Bitch

Debt, debt city, bitch. Debt city, bitch. Debt, debt city, bitch. Ten, ten, ten, twenties on yo—God, I’m going to hell.

Roommate and I are cruisin’ in her ride, boasting to none other than ourselves about how funny we are and how MTV should really pick up on our talent. 364 more words