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DAY 15

Free scones, pay day and jeans at work! Happy Friday!

100 Days Of Happy

Learning about Taxes

This is a very tedious task, but definitely worth it! I give myself two thumbs-up for being able to understand what’s going on with my paycheck (semimonthly) and why I get all these deductions–and more importantly, if the deductions made are actually correct! 134 more words

Yuppie Life

These Flowers Have Been Recycled One Too Many Times

Pay Day! And as soon as I get a cheque, I draw some Pay Stub Art, of course! Okay fine, I go shopping first, but then I draw some Pay Stub Art! 143 more words

Cheese: A Slight Detour

The morning, Gondorian sun streamed through the shop windows, casting rainbows through the cut glass. The last of the morning orders had been filled and Berest set to work knowing he had a few hours to replenish the cheese on his shelves before the afternoon rush. 653 more words


Paid Today and Gone Tomorrow...Then Repeat.

Yes, everyone can’t wait for payday. Then, when payday arrives, the bills take a good portion of it away…or even most of it for that matter. 65 more words


Friday Friday!

Pay Day Friday! Time to check someone off your holiday list.

I know, I feel the same way. One holiday at a time but Christmas and Hanukkah are coming quickly!


Pay Day (November, 2014).

Hiya Penguins,

As usual every month we receive a paycheck from Club Penguin for doing our duties, so please continue reading to know more about it! 36 more words

Club Penguin