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Pay Day: September 2014

Today penguins who are registered as tour guides and/or EPF agents will get 250 and/or 350 coins respectively as a salary from the tour guide company and/or EPF. 49 more words

Club Penguin Pay Day

Pay Day (September, 2014).

Hiya Guys,

As usual every month we receive a paycheck from Club Penguin for doing our duties, so please continue reading to know more about it! 48 more words

Club Penguin

Pay day #September 2014

Can’t believe the summer went so fast! It’s September and you know what that means… it’s pay day! 350 coins to all the agents of Club Penguin :) …and 250 coins to the helpful tour guides :)
Club Penguin


So i received my first ever salary yesterday and I cant explain the feeling of happiness while getting it. God! I worked hard for it and I can say its nice buying things from your own money. 167 more words


Why Pay Day Takes So Long to Come. Zeno’s Paradox. My 41 Year Old BMW Hits the Road.

There’s a philosophical reason why payday always seems so incredibly far away. To disrespectfully borrow from the Greek philosopher Zeno it would go something like this. 893 more words

Gratitude Attitude

1.) Meeting new students
2.) Long weekend
3.) Road trip to Summerville
4.) Trail runs
5.) Productive day of work
6.) Friendly phone calls
7.) Invitation ideas (1 thing down) 14 more words

Pay Day and Feeling Rough...

 & On Wednesday, throat started to feel scratchy and tight.  I swallowed a couple of spoonfuls of my trusty but equally gruesome cod liver oil.  It works I tell ya.  502 more words