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Does gender pay gap still exist?

Cut the crap about the gender pay gap

Where would we be without the gender pay gap? With girls outperforming boys at school, outnumbering male students at university, and women experiencing no more practical hindrances than men to achieving anything they want in life, feminists have been forced to shift their attention to the more nebulous cultural sphere in order to prove that women remain victims of a patriarchal conspiracy. 103 more words

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Fisking "A Response to Women Against Feminism"

Interesting and well-written post I was sent, which accurately articulates the main pro-feminism arguments. However, it also illustrates the critical, fundamental flaw in feminist thinking: that feminists identify as women first and human beings second. 1,177 more words

Hello #WomenAgainstFeminism here's a little reality check for you. You're welcome.

So apparently Women Against Feminism is a thing now. And while by no means a mass phenomenon (their Facebook page has less than 3,000 likes, so there is still hope for humanity), it is definitely a worrying one. 791 more words


When Does a Wage Gap Mean Discrimination?

In the past two weeks, there has been a lot of press about wage gaps, most notably at the White House and Goldman Sachs.  So today I wanted to spend some time defining “wage gap” and discuss the heart of the issue: when does a wage gap mean there was discrimination? 617 more words

'Refreshingly honest?' Josh Earnest states the obvious about the White House

Seriously. It’s about time!

At today’s press briefing, White House press secretary Josh Earnest addressed the issue of unequal pay. That’s when he said this: 375 more words

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White House Pay Gap Hasn't Changed Under Obama

The pay gap between men and women working at the White House has not narrowed since President Barack Obama’s first year in office, according to… 288 more words

White House rails against 'earnings gap,' but still pays women less than men

The White House tweeted that earlier today.  But according to an article posted this evening by Washington Post reporter Zachary Goldfarb, the White House continues to pay its female employees significantly less than their male counterparts. 349 more words

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