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If You're A Woman Working for a University, Life's Not That Different than Corporate America

In the course of building Fairygodboss, I talked to many women, including academic types.  Through these conversations, I discovered it wasn’t just for-profit companies that needed more transparency and cultural change.   273 more words

White House: American women 'forbidden' from discussing wages

Ain’t it the truth.

We’ve got no strategy for the war/not war with the Islamic/not Islamic State, but we sure have one to solve the mythical wage gap problem. 305 more words

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I Deserve An Equal Wage

Have you guys seen this?

“Republicans Unanimously Block Equal Pay Bill”: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2014/09/15/3567740/republicans-paycheck-fairness-act/.

Elizabeth Warren (and incidentally, my mom) shared this on Facebook today and it’s like, what gives? 323 more words

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Women, money and pro sports: How to bridge the gender gap?

Diana Taurasi spent the recently-completed WNBA Finals reminding us of of why she is one of the best players in WNBA history.

But she may also be the poster woman for one of the biggest problems in women’s pro sports — the pay differences between women and their male counterparts. 815 more words

Female Athletes


Okay. I’m going to start off here with a brash, yet true statement. The average pay for a woman is 77% for every dollar a man makes in the United States (FORBES). 617 more words


Understanding Privilege in America Today

© Josh Sager – September 2014

The inequality of “privilege” is a very important issue, but one that is often extremely uncomfortable to discuss. While it is a chronic problem, the mainstream political discussion in the United States only ever truly addresses it when events like the police shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri, force it into the public eye. 1,175 more words

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The Pay Gap Starts With Your First Job

Yesterday, the WSJ published news that 2014 graduates are seeing better-than-expected salaries.  But is this equally good news for women and men?

The wage gap (commonly referred to as the average woman earning 77 cents to the average man’s $1) is a controversial topic because its causes are multiple and the term invokes a presumption of bias when the evidence is complex.   486 more words