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Helping our fellow man: remembering the 'Christ' in Christianity when we talk about income inequality

If there’s one prevailing attitude in America that I am sick to death of, it’s the notion of “every man for himself,” which is attached to the belief that, if you really want it, you can raise yourself out of poverty and into a comfortable, happy life free of economic and social distress. 816 more words


The Truth About The Gender Pay Gap

Stefan Molyneux, Jan 2015

The gender pay gap is the difference between male and female.

Time: 13:51


Do the Salary Hustle

It’s rude to talk about salaries, right? It’s rude to ask someone how much they make, and it’s rude to offer that information about your own pay stubs; it’s bragging, isn’t it? 518 more words

Literature & Film

Gender Equality Paradox

Documentary on the origins of Gender Equality. English Subtitles. Very much worth a watch or skimming through if you have even a passing interest in gender issues. Kept my attention.


Pay Gap between genders is unacceptable

It’s 2015 and my New Year’s Wishes are that more girls study science subjects and get degrees in STEM subjects, that more women enter the mining sector, that more women rise through the echelons of companies regardless of sector but especially in mining and that more women grace our boards this year but also I sincerely wish that each women gets paid the same as their male colleagues for the same work. 744 more words


Enough with the jokes, seriously.

Being a feminist in high school isn’t exactly easy. It feels like everything I say inspires a comment, even if the topic of conversation has nothing to do with gender equality or gender norms. 422 more words