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Three Pay-per-click Mistakes That Could Cost You A Ton Of Money


If you’re  attempting to  create leads  as well as sales, Pay Per Click  advertising and marketing is one of the fastest,  inexpensive  means to do so. 358 more words

Does Your Company Need a Blog?

It seems as if no matter what the industry, every company has a blog—leaving you wondering if your stand-alone web page is enough. Does your small… 605 more words


How Google can unlock a trillion-dollar opportunity while improving search relevance

It’s every searcher’s dream to get actual answers to their search queries, instead of search results. Google can give us these “answers” now for a set of keywords called “buying keywords.” Here’s an explanation of how this change will improve the user experience and create a level playing field for product merchants in the search ecosystem. 1,001 more words

Pay Per Click Advertising For Bail Bonds Can Be The Most Ideal Form Of Bail Bond Marketing


Exactly How Can PPC Campaign Affect Your Company?


Here’s how it works: When your ad is clicked and a visitor visits your Bail Bond website, you will pay a small amount to the search engine. 515 more words

Click fraud – Simplified

By: Mari Holman

Click fraud is a real threat to all online advertisers and publishers – no matter how big the company may be.

Within the past decade, several major internet companies have been sued with class-action lawsuits on click fraud. 587 more words

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