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Dollars and Sense

A conversation in early October with my almost four-year-old went something like this:

Me: Look, it’s snowing outside!
Daughter: Yes! It’s winter! Now we can put up the Christmas tree! 306 more words


Afraid that You Haven't Saved Enough for College...Read This Column

Ron Lieber of the NYT provides some ideas for families fearful that their children are being priced out or forced to borrow a king’s ransom in order to obtain that college degree. 936 more words

Personal Finance

Private Student Loans Under the Microscope

Since I used to have a company to increase transparency in the private student loan market, I cannot pretend to be surprised at the recent CFPB report that highlights the downside of this product.   604 more words

Paying For College

What's Happening in the World of Savings?

  • Millenial interest in savings declined over the past year (DepositAccounts):

What’s going on with the Millennials? Between September 2013 and 2014, the personal savings interest and effort of those 18-34 surveyed, declined considerably, according to the latest America Saves Personal Savings Index.   497 more words

Paying For College

Question of the Day: What Is A Student Loan Master Promissory Note?

In looking for good video content to help students understand the master promissory note (talk about a challenging assignment to make this topic interesting!), I kept coming across videos with like “ 981 more words

Question Of The Day

Scared Straight Approach to Student Debt: A Documentary Playlist

This recent article about a community college in Florida caught my attention:

To get a student loan at Broward College, one of Florida’s largest community colleges, you first have to sit through a two-hour financial lesson with Kent Dunston.   824 more words

Lesson Idea

Tools that Might Help Pay for College

We’re students. Many of us taking out student loans or utilizing financial assistance to achieve our goal of obtaining a degree. And certainly we’re not alone. 330 more words