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Florida Prepaid College Savings Plan becomes more affordable

Before Ashley had even garbled her first word or taken her first step, her mother began saving for her college education.  When Ashley was only six months old, her mother opened a Florida Prepaid college tuition plan. 356 more words

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New parents need to start saving to fund sky-rocketing tuition

A university degree may be considered priceless, but it doesn’t come cheap. So if you’re a new parent, start saving!

According to a recent BMO study, two-thirds of parents have opened RESPs to fund sky-rocketing tuition. 536 more words


Parents, you’re paying for college wrong (Market Watch)

When Junior’s college tuition bill comes, parents may want to rethink how they’re going to pay it.

According to Sallie Mae’s “How American Pays for College…

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Paying For School

Step-by-step planning for college is one way to reduce the stress

Families are stressed out about getting into college.

They’re also stressed out about paying for college.

All this is not breaking news to most families with teenage children. 178 more words

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Buying and selling college class notes is made easier by technology

Selling class notes can be a way for college students to make extra money, but is it a good idea?

Every student could use a little extra spending money, and selling your class notes and study materials is one way to make some on the side for something you’re doing for free already.

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Paying For College

An Article from the Wall Street Journal

The fall semester is upon us! And yet with our busy schedules, it is still important to keep up the search for scholarships. Since the financial side of college has been on my mind so often this summer, when I picked up the paper this morning, this headline caught my attention immediately. 2,216 more words


Financial Aid Officers (aka, your new best friends)

There are two points during the year when the words “financial aid” can throw any student in a tizzy: early spring semester —  when the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is released and due to be filled out — and late summer, as school is about to start. 985 more words

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