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Scary Stat of the Day: Over 1/4 of Students With Loans Said They Have No Student Debt

From The Guardian:

Six in 10 college freshmen don’t really know how much debt they have taken on to pay for their first year in college, … 121 more words

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Scholarships with January 2015 deadlines

Attending college can be quite expensive for students and their families. Luckily, there are many college scholarships and contests available to help pay for a college education. 60 more words


Life is a Black Sucking Hole of Debt and Then You Die

At the age of 22 I will graduate from IUPUI with $40,000 in debt. This is becoming an increasingly normal things for millennials to do. What is this going to do to our economy when all of us are done with the “mandatory education”? 1,454 more words


Waive Noncustodial Parent

This only applies to people going to school in the US.
If you have an estranged parent like one who left you as a child (or any other time) and is not really in contact with you, this applies to you. 632 more words

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To earn scholarships, it pays to start young, expert says

Metro Vancouver entrepreneur Doug Beech says he paid for his university education with $30,000 he won in scholarships. And he was not an elite athlete or a straight-A student. 344 more words

B.C. Education Report

1 Number That Debunks Everything You Think You Know About College

There’s been plenty of ink and pixels spent parsing the problem of student loan debt: Why it’s so high, who to blame, how to stop it and so on. 550 more words

Is the Cost of Education Mortgaging Our Future?

By Guest Blogger, Christopher C. Humes, CPA

When I set out to write this blog, my original thought was to discuss the high costs of college education and what parents need to consider in funding this burden while trying to simultaneously fund retirement accounts and pay for annual double-digit increases in health care costs. 850 more words