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Take a look at the writings of working girls and sooner or later you will come across a story about that client who became jealous of the escort. 390 more words

Disability And Prostitution

Below is an interesting article on the use of sex workers by people with disabilities living in Germany, http://www.myhandicap.com/disability-prostitut.html. The piece focuses on one brothel which is accessible to wheelchair users. 463 more words

The Law Is An Ass

The Daily Mail reports that the UK government is looking at blocking access to UK-based porn sites unless the potential viewer can prove they ar 18-years-old or older by inputting data from a credit card, … 278 more words

Would A Law Banning The Purchase Of Sex Reduce Prostitution?

One of the arguments employed by those who advocate in favour of the Nordic model which criminalises men who pay for sex goes as follows. The law acts as a beacon lighting the way showing what is right. 926 more words

Schoolgirl Fantasy

The schoolgirl fantasy is one of the most common fantasies among men (not just those who use the services of sex workers. I have written about my liking for (legal) teens on several occasions. 410 more words