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Driven To Distraction

Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from a young woman in response to an advertisement placed by me on the internet in which I asked for ladies interested in providing massage to get in touch. 435 more words

Its All About The Men

An interesting perspective on prohibitionism (the view that sex work should be abolished by criminalising the clients of sex workers), http://www.cliterati.co.uk/2014/04/all-about-the-men/

My First Time

I can not recall the names of many of the working women with whom I have danced the dance of sex over the years. I do, however recollect the name of the first ever escort I saw, Melissa. 501 more words

Blurring The Lines

Can client and sex worker be friends or must there always be a certain distance, a professional relationship but no more between the two? I have written previously about my encounter with PL, a busty mixed race girl, … 376 more words

Lets Suppose

Let us suppose, a very big assumption I grant you, that all the stigma, taboos etc surrounding sex work completely disappeared. Overnight selling sex became regarded as, by and large a job like any other. 88 more words

How Do You Know?

A little while back I participated in an online forum (I’ve taken part in quite a few) regarding the subject of prostitution. As a self identified punter a number of hostile questions (and some reasonable ones) came my way. 845 more words

Seeking Guest Posters

I am looking for guest posters. Whether you are, or have been involved in sex work I would love to host a post by you. I am also happy to publish posts by those who wish to see the criminalisation of clients and the abolition of prostitution. 104 more words