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How To Targeted Higher paying Keywords

Different key terms pay different volumes. Other elements being equal a website centered around relief will produce more income per Google adsense press than a website centered around baseball cards. 881 more words

How to deal with tenants who are not paying the rent

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"That will be an arm, a leg, and a kidney, please."

Thirty years ago, paying for college used to be matter of getting a summer job, and maybe doing some odd jobs during the semester. Today, paying for college has turned into a game of figuring which organs you can live without, yet still get a lot of money for. 449 more words



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both feet

Not as many of us jump in with both feet when it’s time to foot the bill.


Doing Without Yet Again

Let me say I am very thankful that we have a home this year and are getting ready to put up a tree and things. The last two years for the first time ever my kids didn’t have a home and were not able to put up their tree and decorate like they have always done. 1,547 more words