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Rockets and a lot of Red Glares (part 1)

The last two weeks have been a flurry of foam, duct tape, soldering irons, steel wool, motherboards, electrical wire, miniature GPS devices, itsy bitsy video cameras, and big tubs of Ben & Jerry’s strewn about the kitchen counter. 878 more words


Creating standalone payloads using Veil-Catapult

We already know about Veil-Framework, They recently added a payload delivery tool Veil-Catapult. Working as like SMBexec with utilizing Veil-Evasion to generate AV-evading binaries, impacket to upload/host the binaries, and the passing-the-hash toolkit to trigger execution using temporary SMB server. 649 more words


Transformers Generations Legends Class Payload and Autobot Cosmos Figures

You may never meet a pair that is more eager to please than Autobot Cosmos and Payload. They’re both proud of their ability to fly into space, and eager to use it to benefit the Autobot cause. 135 more words

Shell Code (very) Basics

Shellcode? Well payload for exploits….

This is a quick intro: beginner’s level.

Le’ts create a sample shellcode that runs the command “ifconfig” on a Linux machine. 39 more words

Evade Antivirus and Bypass UAC in windows 7 using metasploit

Last time i explained about veil-Evasion to create a undetectable payload and get away from the eyes of antivirus. Today i am going to use the Same Veil-Evasion technique to create a payloads and Bypass UAC in windows 7 more effectively to get Admin Priviliges. 1,132 more words


Liferay Message Bus

Liferay message bus is key to improve the performance of the portal schedulers. eg . reporting bulk files generation , send bulk mails etc.

By using Liferay message bus, you can send the Sting/ Value Objects/ Json from one class to another class. 494 more words


Privilege Escalation in windows xp using metasploit

Last post i explained how to get a admin privileges in windows 7 after successful hack,  comparing to that its even more easier in windows XP . 485 more words