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Tax-time thoughts: now with slightly less incompetent accounting!

I have survived, I think, another tax season as a self-employed individual, and I’m increasingly convinced that if I keep doing this I will someday know what I’m doing. 328 more words


Get Paid for Shopping, and Save Money

It’s beautiful out today! I figured since I’m just sitting outside in the backyard with the kids that I would give you a new post. In fact, let’s make it two! 490 more words


This Week In Tech: The 3-D Smartphone and You

Amazon’s having a great Spring, with the newly introduced FireTV burning up the charts like a hit single, but they’re not done yet. Late last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that… 729 more words


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Leaving It All on the Field

Many folks make the observation that it’s challenging to run a fast-growing technology start-up.  I personally think that’s a dramatic understatement.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done…as well as the most rewarding. 1,719 more words

Growth Strategy


Things are picking up for KAMP and HS FilGrad as you can see from our instagram.

So we’d like to announce if you want to support us and the students for this year’s… 60 more words


"PayPal Jail"

I just saw a pretty awesome video explaining what PayPal jail is, and a really cool analogy was made.
People who get started on eBay and PayPal do have some minor restrictions when starting out. 164 more words