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Trader Joe's Labor Day!

If you’re shopping at TJ’S for Labor Day, think about coming in today 8/31 instead of monday. It’ll be less (I said LESS) crowded today


There's Always A Lesson...

So last weekend was my 3rd Powerlifting comp this year! What has surprised me most, is that each one is SO different! No just the venue, the size, the competition etc…but different in what it does to me. 1,092 more words

5km instead of Park Run

I can’t Park Run tomorrow as I will be travelling. So instead, I decided to do my 5k today in the gym. But I also had an idea about using a recommended 10k training app. 792 more words


PR'd On My Come Back Race

Sorry that I have been very MIA.  Life has been a huge roller coaster lately.  The one year anniversary of my husbands death has come and gone and so many things are still so unsettled.  926 more words


Galloping round Guernsey

In case you were wondering, yes Guernsey is a different country.  It is not part of the United Kingdom and is not a member of the EU (look it up on… 1,012 more words


🍵Crazy Juice☕


This is righteous coffee!

We had some in the break room today! Slightly earthy & buttery.

Anyone else have an analysis?