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When the world goes upside down!


I’m sure each one of us have had been in a situation where we might have experienced that feeling, of our world going upside down. 982 more words


Week 1 BACK TO becoming a gymnastics ninja and the triceps of doom, I GOT THIS.

So this past week is my first week back to gymnastics full programming. My triceps are on fire most of the time. I have always felt ok my triceps are pretty strong, they ve got some size aha but for some reason they are the first thing to go when I am training gymnastically. 739 more words


Can I get any faster?

I spent the weekend in London, which enabled me to admire my awesome medal holder (check it out, there is a discount code for it) and reflect on my PBs. 156 more words


Just hold on - it's nearly over

I don’t want this blog to turn into a chore, so I haven’t been forcing myself to update it even when I think that I ought to. 338 more words

Praktica BC1 fix

In my previous post I described how I fixed and serviced a Praktica BCX which I had picked up for peanuts. Since then I had been on the lookout for a cheap zoom to compliment the 50mm prime and I ended up bidding on a 35-70 f/2.8-4, which happened to be attached to a BC1. 496 more words


Let's Rant 'Bout: ''I'm sorry, but your opinion is in the minority'':

Authors Note: Bare with me as I regress into illogical preamble and madding, irrelevant thought.

It was a woozy weekday evening and the light was a hazy autumnal brown. 1,012 more words




I want to start off by saying I think that the US has the most potential of any nation in the world to become a soccer powerhouse… 488 more words