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On the new taxes on government employees' non-salary benefits

Protests by government employees over the new BIR ruling on their non-salary benefits in early August sparked my curiosity to know what exactly these benefits are. 783 more words


SISTEM DAN PROSEDUR PBB Perdesaan dan Perkotaan

“Pengelolaan Pajak Bumi dan Banguan, khususnya sektor perdesaan dan perkotaan diwujudkan dalam sistem dan prosedur (sisdur) yang meliputi: (1) pendataan, (2) penilaian, (3) penetapan, (4) pembayaran, (5) penagihan, (6) keberatan, dan (7) pengurangan.”

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The fight against Big Ag and GMOs in Ghana

Big Agriculture has targeted Africa with GMOs. Monsanto and friends, with USAID, are targeting several African countries as insertion points, and Ghana is one of these. 1,520 more words


Big Brother is watching our city!

Congratulations to you, reader, for reading this post. Thank you for spending your little time to go read this little piece than watching a barrage of intermission numbers to announce the winner of that “reality” show. 724 more words

35 Ethnic Races "We Live in Unity and Harmony"

The chief minister said things were a bit different in the peninsula.

“In West Malaysia, there are  only three major races and a few indigenous people, but they never stop bickering. 93 more words


DDT's Tragic Legacy Part 2

The following is the text for my semi-weekly radio program for Red Sky Stage Radio, which airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:45, 12:45, 5:45, and 8:45. 859 more words