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using channels in photoshop

using channels, we were able to select all of the detailed areas of the picture, in this case feathers on the headdress, as well as the more solid parts of the picture. 22 more words


masks in photoshop

today we used masks to remove and restore backgrounds of some objects onto other objects


Scrum Product Owner’s Role

Agile professionals have often discussed what the exact role of a product owner should be in Scrum. What virtues should a product owner possess to be considered a “good” PO? 423 more words


Dr. Joia Mukharjee says racism is to blame for the slow response to the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and other African countries. Mukharjee is a professor at Harvard Medical School and chief medical officer at the Boston based non-profit Partners in Health. 518 more words


McCampbell Terminal — PBI's secret name

McCampbell Terminal — PBI’s secret name

26° 41′ 17″ N / 80° 05′ 22″ W

Laid down in 1988, the cornerstone of the main terminal at… 291 more words

Aviators And Aviation Related Persons You May Not Know Of But Should

The Forgotten Front ...

At Lake Khasan in 1938 and Khalkhin Gol in 1939 the Red Army decisively stopped Japanese expansion in continental Asia.  It proved decisive: the Japanese instead focused on the Pacific and, ultimately Stalin had reinforcements he could pull from another front when Moscow looked about to fall. 839 more words