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Selection tools on Rough Surfaces

Changing the tolerance on the magic wand tool let us change how many pixels we could select in the image. If we made it too high, it would select too much, and vice versa, but if we found a nice middle range, we could select some parts of the image while letting a lot of the rough texture stay.


Vector illustrations using selection tools

Using the basic selection tools in photoshop, we were able to take a photograph and select the parts we wanted and alter things like the colour, brightness and contrast


using channels in photoshop

using channels, we were able to select all of the detailed areas of the picture, in this case feathers on the headdress, as well as the more solid parts of the picture. 32 more words


masks in photoshop

Today we used masks to remove and restore backgrounds of images when imposing them onto another image 21 more words


cutnpaste photos in photoshop

In photoshop we were able to take our scanned images and select the parts we wanted to be imposed onto another image. I particularly liked the fill awareness tool, which allowed me to expand my images effortlessly. 33 more words


Scrum Product Owner’s Role

Agile professionals have often discussed what the exact role of a product owner should be in Scrum. What virtues should a product owner possess to be considered a “good” PO? 423 more words

Cut n Paste

in todays lesson we explored ideas of taking existing iconic images and combining/altering them to create a new meaning. the art of creating photomontages has been the focus of many artists in the past century, such as Peter Kennard, who made the famous picture of Tony Blair taking a selfie in front of an oil explosion.