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Yeah I know I have beat this do death but it’s next week! And ya boy is nervous! This week I’m practicing and while practicing today I realized that I’m gonna do just fine! 294 more words

More Tandems at Paris-Brest-Paris 2011

After digging through the photos archives, I discovered more tandem shots worth sharing from the last edition of PBP. That is, they are not hopelessly blurry or otherwise terrible. 129 more words


Tandem Bicycles at Paris-Brest-Paris 2011

Events like Paris-Brest-Paris are difficult to unbox all at once. Some aspects can be, such as the immediacy of the ride experience and the emotions and physical states experienced. 499 more words


Quarters ......4 of them!

As we all know on the pentacle there are 4 elements represented! Earth, fire, water, air. These elements are of course all needed by all living things! 606 more words

Pagan parenting

So there’s a site that we have decided to supplement with regular learning. Along with abc, 123, simple addition, shapes, colors, learning to spell name, address, phone numbers, and basic stuff before kindergarten. 477 more words

P- parenting

Parenting is not something you do to “get attention”, “be part of the crowd”, “because your lady parts hurt”, “because you just realized your clock is ticking”, or because your jealous of someone having a kid”! 464 more words

The Umbral Meadow

This is it…my first post.  This is good, right?  I have nothing to beat; nothing that has previously set my standard.  But then, this will set my standard.  599 more words