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Rudolph the suppressed reindeer

Seen this post on Facebook and I realized that I’ve always thought this exact thing about this song!!!

There are plenty of reasons, at this time of year, to hate a Christmas song: You can hate an annoying chorus, despise a celebrity crooner, or just resent the way a tune sticks in your head hours after you heard it at Nordstrom Rack. 998 more words

Most popular posts from 2014

1) http://audaxing.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/bikes-on-the-kernow-sw-600/
Pictures of most of the bikes that completed one of the more difficult 600km audax events in the UK. Good for seeing what luggage, lights and wheels experienced riders use… 132 more words

Road Cycling

Is the Apidura Pack the long sought after solution?

Carrying gear on a short wheel base recumbent (SWB) is difficult. I have found it especially difficult on the Cruz Moose but perhaps the Apidura pack is the solution. 62 more words

15000 Bike Miles (24000 Km) for 2014 bring on TCR2015

I seem to have got a bit carried away this year. I set out this year to enjoy riding and finally go cycling touring whilst hoping to retain my Eastern MTB champs title. 189 more words

Epic Riding

Y - Yule the letter I've been waiting for!

This day was spent decorating the tree and house and baking cookies and watching movies. We have a tradition to always decorate when we get back from the upstate. 473 more words


Could not find a topic with x so I am just going to talk about a xylophone. I’m kidding! Even though this week is hard I believe in finishing what I started! 291 more words

PBP: H is for Het

In Ancient Egyptian het translates to “house”.  This takes on many meanings and interpretations.  We see it as a possible mortuary reference in the name Nebt-het.  495 more words