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Offerings are items that are either sacred to us, sacred to a Deity or Ancestor/Spirit Guide, or are made in honor of those being worshipped, that are offered to them in a sort of sacrifice. 308 more words


O- owl

I was blessed to be born under the owl totem. The bear has chosen me but the owl is where I was born!

(Spiritual) Journey

Ok, I have been struggling with this prompt for a few days now. I have been fighting against writing about this topic, mostly because a Spiritual Journey is very personal and the main blog for my PBP is more of an article blog, and less of a personal blog. 401 more words


O- oblivious

I admit that I can be willfully oblivious to things! It’s not that I do to know what’s going on its that I don’t care or don’t have time to pay attention.these past two years of my life have been perfect! 104 more words


Working Nude, or Skyclad, is a common concern amongst the new-comers. They hear the term Skyclad, they learn what it means, and may turn away from this Path because they think it is something required. 235 more words


N - negativity and holding on to anger

Anger is a poison. The angrier you get the more destructive it is to you! Only you can choose to be angry! Anger produces high blood pressure, decrease in appetite, lack of sleep, and makes you do things you would not normally do ( lack of control). 223 more words