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PBP: H is for Het

In Ancient Egyptian het translates to “house”.  This takes on many meanings and interpretations.  We see it as a possible mortuary reference in the name Nebt-het.  495 more words


Wiccan rede- w

There is a short version and a long version. Typically people like the short version. Chances are you have heard the Wiccan rede and know what it means ( unless you are another sheepple and just say shit because everyone else does) but if you don’t or you want to relearn the meaning or just a nice read, cool, I’m about to explain this thing. 570 more words

Trendsetter: Crew Concierge serves shipbound workers

By Rebeca Piccardo, South Florida News Service

When David Hirsch of Wellington worked as a crewmember on board a cruise ship for months at a time, he had no place to buy the things he needed. 575 more words


Ski Shows, Ski Movie Releases..bring on the snow!

The London ski show has kicked off and is wetting snow appetites of all those who visit. The start of ski show and ski movie release season certainly helps turn everyone’s thoughts towards the onset of winter. 497 more words

Breaking News!

V- value

What is your value? What is your worth? How do you measure your value? Is it the debt your in? Is it how much money you have or don’t have? 383 more words