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Geb: Father... Earth?? Wait, what?

When I was thinking about this letter, I was coming up blank.  I did my first default thing to do when I come up blank on ideas and that was check the… 1,085 more words


Pagan Blog Project: G is for Gaul and Germania

I will confess that while I have a long-standing relationship with heathen gods, and a sometimes working relationship with Celtic gods, there is a special place in my heart for the gods of that bit of Europe where the boundaries between the two were particularly unclear. 148 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Getting sh*t done

I don’t know how your work desk looks like, but mine is usually a clutter of post-it notes and calendar sheets with barley legible scribbles.  I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve left behind said post-it note at the office and couldn’t remember what it was I had to accomplish that day. 312 more words


Pagan Blog Project: F is for Favorite

“Which is your favorite god?”

I am pretty tolerant of questions from folks who are not pagan or not polytheistic, but that one always stumps me. 78 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Temp agency corruption

I any believe the utter disrespect of our women and foreign workers …

Be the change you want to see in the world …


Pagan Blog Project: Week 12, Energywork, Effort, Figures, and Fiction

Apologizes for the lack of activity. Midterms + stress + other shit = Sunny does not feel like doing much of anything.

So here are the last four weeks of PBP. 673 more words


PBP: F is for Food!

The most basic component of hospitality is food! Seeing as I host rituals from time to time, I would like to discuss some of the foods I like to serve at rituals.  319 more words