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Grey Skies, Galoshes and Greed: the (Druid?) Ethics of Weather Magic

It seems to me (and this is just my interpretation) that there are two types of modern druid magic. In one, the focus is on the images of ancient druids controlling the forces of nature. 912 more words


Guts and Glory: Living Out Loud as a Gay Pagan

This post was inspired by my friend, Misha.  She gave me the idea when I put out a request on Facebook, and she’s someone I admire for always being positive and living her life the way more people should.   1,419 more words


Project by Project

I’ve alluded to this in my last post, but I currently volunteer for an organization called Project by Project (henceforth known as PbP) as the Director of Events.   418 more words


Geb: Father... Earth?? Wait, what?

When I was thinking about this letter, I was coming up blank.  I did my first default thing to do when I come up blank on ideas and that was check the… 1,085 more words


Pagan Blog Project: G is for Gaul and Germania

I will confess that while I have a long-standing relationship with heathen gods, and a sometimes working relationship with Celtic gods, there is a special place in my heart for the gods of that bit of Europe where the boundaries between the two were particularly unclear. 148 more words

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Getting sh*t done

I don’t know how your work desk looks like, but mine is usually a clutter of post-it notes and calendar sheets with barley legible scribbles.  I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve left behind said post-it note at the office and couldn’t remember what it was I had to accomplish that day. 312 more words


Pagan Blog Project: F is for Favorite

“Which is your favorite god?”

I am pretty tolerant of questions from folks who are not pagan or not polytheistic, but that one always stumps me. 78 more words

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