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PBT Extra: Why Lance Stephenson chose Charlotte and Jordan

I’m sweating it out in Las Vegas for Summer League — I’m only here for the basketball, nothing else to do here, just a quiet little trip — but jumped on the phone for a latest edition of PBT Extra with Matt Stroup to talk about the latest NBA developments. 57 more words

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PBT Extra: Jason Kidd's power play lands him in Milwaukee

You don’t bluff unless you’re willing to have it called.

The Brooklyn Nets called Jason Kidd’s bluff, called out his power play and as a result Kidd is headed to Milwaukee Bucks for two second round picks. 93 more words

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PBT Extra: Parker or Wiggins? Who is likely to make draft day trade?

There is more uncertainty around this draft than any in recent memory.

Matt Stroup and I tackle the big ones in the latest PBT Extra. First off, just how far does Joel Embiid fall? 84 more words

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PBT Extra: Talking future for LeBron, Carmelo and Duncan

It happens every year, we don’t get to revel in the success of the champions as long as they deserve because the NBA Draft and free agency decisions fall weeks later and all attention turns to them. 158 more words

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PBT Extra: What’s next for the Heat’s big three?

Kurt Helin and Kay Adams discuss:

  • The Spurs’ offensive dominance
  • Kawhi Leonard’s ceiling
  • LeBron James’, Dwyane Wade’s and Chris Bosh’s future in Miami
Miami Heat

PBT Extra: Who has upper hand in Finals now?

Is there anything Gregg Popovich can scheme, any steps  the Spurs can come up with to slow LeBron James?

That’s the first question Kay Adams throws at me in today’s PBT Extra, one where I am on the phone from San Antonio (right before heading to the airport and Miami). 107 more words

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