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Why You Should Be Playing Trails in the Sky Right Now

Today marks the release of the English PC version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, a fantastic JRPG from Japanese developer Falcom and localisation specialists Xseed Games. 1,449 more words


Attack on Titan Browser Game Presents Gacha Summer Special

Perhaps because it is summer, or due to the lack of an Attack on Titan swimsuit episode, the anime’s browser game will have one.


Dark Souls 2 & Online Gaming

So usually I’d do a route by route post but truth be told I’m too far in right now to do so, and pretty much don’t have the patience for it. 286 more words


Cosplay: Garrett (Thief) por Salu

Segue o Incrível Cosplay feito por Salu no evento Anime Friends 2014.

Ótimo trabalho em todos os detalhes do personagem Garrett do jogo Thief (Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One e Xbox360). 10 more words


Recent studies show that 9 out of 10 PCs are infected with Spyware

Spy Sweeper named PC Magazine’s Best of the Year 2004 for

The very best AntiSpy program on the market -

Webroot Spy Sweeper. Webroot Spy Sweeper was named best… 625 more words


The Duck Meets the Slender Man…It Was Not a Pleasure

I did it. I finally played “Slender: The Nine Pages”. I sure hope the site where I downloaded it was safe, but all seems well. I downloaded version 1.3, and I had some trouble at first figuring out how to get it to work, as the computer kept complaining at me that I couldn’t open the game without the data folder being nearby. 1,149 more words


Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Sexy Sleeping DLC

Okay today Team Ninja posted another dlc trailer for Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate. The trailer shows off some more customs for the ladies. These customs are more for the bed room rather than the ring or in some cases we have the girls wearing bath towels. 36 more words