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How to get the Mayan Outfit in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Not only does the Mayan Outfit in AC4 look badass but it also deflects bullets which can be pretty useful during the game.  It’s not easy to get though and you need to have completed a certain amount of the game to be able to unlock it.   119 more words


Goat Simulator Review: G.O.A.T.Y.

Is a comedy game that’s openly considered to be a joke by its own developer and much of the gaming press something that’s a meta joke that also happens to be a game or just a joke that isn’t worth the time and money to buy and play it? 1,294 more words

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Local Search Leads to Purchase

Over the past couple of posts, we’ve delivered information on how search affects local business and the types of information consumers are searching for. Today we’ll look at what happens after consumers perform a local search. 312 more words