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ATmega328p Breakout Test Results

In my last post, I talked about the tests I did with the AMS1117 Board. Now it’s over to the ATmega328p Breakout Board. The testing was a lot simpler, and included the AMS1117 board.This was it. 205 more words


AMS1117 Board Test Results

In my last post, I talked about assembling my two new PCB designs. In this post, I’ll talk about the results of some tests with the AMS1117 dual fixed voltage regulator board. 255 more words


New PCBs! (AMS1117 regulators & ATmega328p breakout)

I’m excited to finally have my second round of PCBs here! The designs are an AMS1117 regulator board and an ATmega328p breakout. I already have notes to share from soldering one of each to start testing them. 435 more words


How I make a PCB Part 1

Over the years, I’ve tried many different techniques for creating PCBs, and this blog will document the way that works best for me now.  This post will document the basic procedure I use to create a PCB to something that is usable.   1,542 more words


Toxic PCB Contamination At Walmart Return Center Leads To Evacuation, Lawsuit

Hundreds of workers at an Indianapolis Walmart returns processing center may have been contaminated with a toxic substance last month. While the center was evacuated and employees are now undergoing medical tests, one employee has filed a lawsuit against the mega-retailer. 659 more words

PCB Cleanup in the Pacific

At Kwajalein Atoll, in the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, the US Army decided to undertake a major effort to remove PCB contamination from the island. 372 more words

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Decontamination of Office Building Shows Scabbling to be Effective

Disaster struck ten years ago, when a two year old, 18-story office building in the northeastern United States experienced a fire. PCBs escaped from a transformer in the mechanical room and spread throughout the entire building. 292 more words