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No more screwdriver on Atmega. I'm making a ZIF AVR burner

When making a project with an AVR chip like the Atmega 168, the chip will be moved from the burning station to the project PCB many times, and my setup with burning on a breadboard, and installing in a… 498 more words



This came from the board assembler:

Really? did you expect us to miss THAT?

Operation Stop Stressing and Make a Baby

CVS sent my shipment of Fertility meds. There is nothing more depressing than having a sharps container in your house for your fertility needles. Whomp whomp. 721 more words

Weight Loss

Code for the shelf

Much code ends up on the shelf for a later project. My project is making a shelf with lights coming out of a couple of LED Strips, and the code goes into an Atmega 168, installed in the shelf. 1,265 more words


My PCB-Milling-Toolchain

PCB-milling is an interesting alternative to the traditional PCB-etching method, because it doesn’t involve chemicals and the mill can also be used to drill the holes an cut out the board. 479 more words

Open Source

Upgrading a Laminator for Toner Transfer PCBs

If you need a circuit board now, you’re probably looking at a toner transfer process; all you need to make a PCB is a copper clad board, a laser printer, some special paper, and the usual etching chemicals. 326 more words

Tool Hacks

MOSFET 101 - 2 lessons learned and a working AVR project

As I am making the circuit board for shelf light with an Atmel Atmega168 and a Mosfet, I came to the point where power was let loose from the 240V wild wall horse on my first Atmega project. 478 more words