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Healthy Beer

What is Kombucha?

It smells like vinegar, tastes like ginger juice and goes down like liquor. Kombucha tea, is a fermented probiotic beverage that is produced with black and green tea leaves. 382 more words

Roadtrip: Pacific Coast Highway

Last summer I drove to San Francisco from LA taking the scenic route all the way. Just me, my tunes and the open road. Perfect trip. 35 more words


Looking Back at California 2013

It’s been a little over a year since my first press trip out to California, a trip that I still think about every day. Recently I’ve been going through some of the extra photos taken out there that weren’t part of my reviews on Hooniverse. 645 more words


Highway 1 || San Francisco, CA

There is nothing better than going out and just taking a drive. This summer I was able to do that, and highway 1 provides some of the best views while doing so. 9 more words


SF to SD: 101 Roadtrip

I spent the greater part of last week driving from San Francisco back down to San Diego with my mother. Why? Because we both love ocean views and seeing California! 346 more words

Daily Life

John's Kitchen, Malibu, California

I have a really good friend from university that lives in LA… so when I was booking the weekend, I just assumed he’d be around the whole time. 239 more words

Instant Gratification