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ATM Software Security Best Practices Guide

The ATM Industry Association has released a new best practices guide for ATM software security developed to assist the industry in combating security threats, such as malware attacks. 93 more words


I'm No Apple Chearleader...but MCX Can Take a Hike

As someone working in the FI industry, it’s definitely been a busy few years, and a hurricane two months. Within the span of 14 days the Home Depot breach erupted, I was in DC for the Mobile & ATM 2014 Summit, ApplePay was announced, I presented PCI-DSS/ATM/PTS topics at the TAG National Conference in San Antonio, and we all found out how JPMorgan and company were about as secure as the merchants that they had been criticizing for their lax security standards. 483 more words

What are your best tips to companies about security for their mobile devices?

The most important thing for a company is to have a plan. Without it, you will be playing catch up as employees bring their own mobile devices into work. 442 more words

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LAST CHANCE: Sign Up for Shift4 & Sertifi Webinar

Interested in eSignature, PCI compliance or both? Register now for our complimentary, 30-minute webinar with Shift4 on Tuesday, November 18 at 11 a.m. PST. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from the Jefferson Hotel & Keswick Hall & Club in Virginia. 27 more words

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The Practical Completion Inspection

It’s been ages, and for that we apologise. Between work and a bub and the work being done on the house, we’ve also been really busy doing a bit of needed renovating in our apartment before selling it. 550 more words

Retailers Demand Federal Cybersecurity Legislation, Financial Services Firms Fire Back

The debate rages on…It is not surprising that retailers have taken their case to Congress and financial institutions are fighting back.  Liability in breach situations weighs heavily on the retailer.  44 more words

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Cash is KING

I always felt using my zero liability credit card was best option to pay and very frustrated when there is a difference between a cash price and credit price. 504 more words