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What Sort of "New" Is Acceptable in the PC(USA)?

One of the first things a counselor (of any type) will tell you is that if you want to change a behavior, the best place to start is by monitoring what your current behavior is. 795 more words


Is Creativity Allowed in Presbyterian Worship?

Every fiber of my Reformed body cringed during my presbytery’s worship time two weeks ago, described in yesterday’s post. Among people who should have known better, what we did together was not worship. 1,135 more words


Pastor PTSD .... really???

I remember sitting across from a pastor I respected deeply and asking him why he was staying and not even considering discerning if he should leave. 2,521 more words

The Misdirection of Worship: A Case in Point

Lest one thinks that idolatrous worship was a problem only eons ago, as illustrated in yesterday’s post, even today within the PC(USA) it is possible to find events promoted as worship experiences that are anything but. 830 more words


"Hot Off the Press": One Way to Organize Sensitive Discussions on World Topics

In earlier posts, found here and here, I shared a couple of methods for generating discussion on topics needing theological reflection. I used 4-MAT and Case Studies often in the Fuller Seminary classes I taught. 810 more words


Wherefore Art Thou Gloria Patri??

Hi there.

22 days clean and sober today. I’ve been 22 days so many times before. I hope this is my last time. Usually I would say “this is my last time” but — then I’d wind up being back at 22 days at some point. 612 more words

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Unspeakable Sadness

Going back to my original list of reasons for not blogging this summer, today I address the experience of sadness. Several things piled on over time and rendered me still before God, downcast in spirit: 946 more words