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Back in America and Feeling... Different

I have been in America for almost a full week now and am already beginning to notice how I have changed, within the context of American culture, since joining Peace Corps. 1,672 more words

Wisdom Wednesday: Ryan Fouss

This week’s #WisdomWednesday comes from returned Peace Corps Volunteer Ryan Fouss (Swaziland 2011-2013). To learn more about our programs in Swaziland, visit Peace Corps Swaziland’s website… 61 more words


Chisemwa Cha Lunda & More

Quick Week In Review Blog Entry:

This week has been filled with some pretty great experiences.

For starters, I had a busy week of meetings with fish farmers and the Department of Fisheries. 619 more words

Preparing the sheep head

Cooking up some sheep for dinner is one of the things that Kyrgyz do best. I would say mutton, but really it’s just sheep. A big pot of sheep. 222 more words


6 Months of Knowledge

As of tomorrow I will have been in Indo-china for 6 total months. Many people have talked about how the time has flown by, the days themselves are long yes, but the total time has wizzed by. 2,679 more words


Connections in the Cab

The other day I hailed a cab from my hotel to Union Station. I struck up conversation with my driver, an Ethiopian man named Biruk. When he inevitably asked me what happened to my leg, I began to talk about the Peace Corps and his face lit up. 380 more words