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Dance, Dance

This is Zambia. This is life here in Zambia. This is spending the day walking through the trees on the small footpaths until you make it to where they lead. 431 more words


A Culture of Sharing

There were culture sessions during our training in Chipembi where we would all write on post-it notes things we had noticed about Zambians or Zambian culture that confused us and the staff would do their best to explain whatever it was. 764 more words

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Nate, a PCV in Botswana, encourages creativity with his music video project featuring locals in his community!

About Peace Corps/Botswana: There are currently 156 volunteers in Botswana working in the areas of health, community economic development and education. 37 more words



Proof that some of the things I say actually stick! Thank you Vola!

There’s a lot going on this picture so lets break it down. 125 more words

Keeping Peace Corps Volunteers healthy, one text at a time

This story is also posted on the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy blog.

Today, refilling your medicine cabinet with bandages and over the counter medicine from your local drugstore may seem like a trivial task, but for Peace Corps volunteers working in remote villages around the world, this task can be much more challenging. 379 more words

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Inspirational Individuals

If you are interested in reading about the journeys of my fellow volunteers, here are some blog links! They will make you laugh, cry, and have a lot of crazy stories to tell at the next party you go to. 622 more words


I recently returned from my 1 year In Service Training, a conference that Peace Corps organizes to bring all of my fellow health volunteers together at the halfway point in our service.  643 more words