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Home sweet home

Over the last decade, I have lived in some interesting places. I say interesting, others may say undesirable. I think each place I’ve lived has had some amazing aspects to it- probably my favorite was the Amazon Crocker neighborhood in San Francisco with the absolutely gorgeous San Bruno Mountain. 530 more words

Site Visitors!

Yesterday was a surprising and amazing day!

One of our family friends Patricia Madigan was in Cambodia for travel! Since I cannot leave my site until Nov 12th (Peace Corps Rule) she decided to come visit me! 342 more words


Is that a worm on
my chest? no just a pansit
noodle, thank goodness


“we don’t celebrate
Halloween because we don’t
have any pumpkins.”


assessments of non readers
but what will come after?

Friendly Friday- Teacher Nit edition

This week I was Thainapped to go to Sukothai with my friend Teacher Nit! Teacher Nit, otherwise known as Nana Nit, has drafted me into doing camps all over the province, including some outside the province. 215 more words

Peace Corps

PCV Murcor

A must read for all appraisers! Please read comments too!

PCV Murcor

I stumbled upon this blog/article after PCV started boiling me, by giving me feedback. 122 more words