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Time of the Season

Is this an actual blog about Mongolian life and not directly or even indirectly about me or something that happened to me? It is! I will however have one about me or something that happened to me soon, because I can only go so long without talking about myself before my ego implodes, it’s very fragile and needs constant attention. 988 more words


on commitment to serve

As some of you know, I swore in as a volunteer this week, on 16 Abril. Woo PCV status!

Before, during, and after the ceremony that day, I received many congratulations. 556 more words



My good friend Chris has told me on many occasions that I should have a camera crew following me around. I seem to get myself into ridiculous situations on the reg. 828 more words

38 Days

In 38 day I am embarking on an incredible journey. On the up side to this journey I am not alone. Men and women from all over the United States are coming together for the same exciting journey. 628 more words

Peace Corps

Evergreen state

In the middle of the forest thinking about Mongolia. Snail Mail while I’m in training.
Sarah Summit, PCT
Post Office Box 1036
Central Post Office
Ulaanbaatar 13
Mongolia (via China)

Peace Corps


Pronounced with a soft A, not a hard A, “Vary” means “rice”, not “to differ from”. I find this mildly amusing because here in Mada they food does not vary (hard A) much, they just eat vary (soft A). 413 more words


A taxi brousse is a vehicle, usually in some form of disrepair, which is filled beyond intended seating capacity and helps the population of Madagascar get around. 608 more words