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Peace Corps Volunteers Share Halloween Traditions with their Service Communities

Peace Corps volunteers worldwide share American culture with the communities they serve, and Halloween is no exception. Below read how volunteers teach their communities about Halloween traditions. 351 more words


13 Reasons To Join Peace Corps

Do you really need 13 reasons to join the Peace Corps? Just one should suffice, “It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love.” If you do need more than one reason, here are 13 more.

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It's too Dark to Go Alone

It’s too dark to go alone.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot for the past month. My little brother said this to me a week or so ago when he burst into my room one night demanding that I walk with him to the toilet. 704 more words

What have I been doing in Zambia for the past 57 days?

I’ll give some day-by-day accounts summarized from my journal about the rather exciting life of Rachel Nanyangwe of Zombe Village.
On top of all below, I have also read 18 books. 1,938 more words

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Host Mom meet Mom Mom

Most of the time when the Peace Corps comes to mind we think of essentially charitable work being done in developing nations. While capacity building and assisting interested countries are part of the mission they actually only comprise one third of PC’s goals. 853 more words

Wisdom Wednesday: Kathleen Green

This week’s #WisdomWednesday comes from returned Peace Corps Volunteer Kathleen Green (Nepal 1989-1991). To learn more about our programs in Nepal, visit Peace Corps Nepal’s website… 65 more words

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I had to sew my home back together!

Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d ever have to say. But I did, and I’ve also recently said “hold on, I need to tighten my roof” and “Asking Michelle Rodriguez if she wanted to ride a horse with an eagle wasn’t the smoothest thing you’ve ever said”. 596 more words