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Lou's + Peas = Happy Spring, Everyone!

It’s rare I write about just one dish at a restaurant.
Yes, we have our Things That Will Change Your Life for the Better list, but to devote an entire post to one dish – and even more interestingly, a salad! 290 more words

Warm Spinach and Pea Salad

I can tell that spring/summer is coming – not only is my yearning for Walden Pond growing at a rapid rate, but soups are being replaced by salads (which I can now eat!), copious amounts of sparkly wines and shorts. 42 more words

Asparagus and Pea Salad with Fried Shallots

This is a welcome departure from your every day greens and dressing. I was inspired by a fava bean/asparagus salad recipe in Bon Appetit.  The salad is served cold, but be sure to save the frying of the shallots for the last minute- you want them to be extra crispy.   221 more words

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Spring Brings Eternal Hope by Cindy Christiansen

Spring is God’s way of saying ‘One more time!’

- Robert Orben

Spring Brings Eternal Hope

by Cindy Christiansen

There is something magical about spring. The earth warms and brightens, seeds sprout and grow into a gorgeous colorful array of flowers, grass turns a vibrant green, and trees bud new leaves.

401 more words

Keeping the kitchen busy

There was a bit of cooking and baking frenzy going on around here today. Although the sun came out, it is cool and windy, not the kind of day I like to work outdoors. 212 more words

The World And My Place In It

"So you'll be happy"

That’s what Jimmy told me last night when he took a little bite of pea salad.  This child.  Where on earth did he learn that?  He pointed at it on his plate and without trying it said it was good but he didn’t want it.   413 more words


Italian Pea Salad

One of my mother’s recipes, this summer salad is a winner for its simplicity and taste.

When the day is hot and I am looking for an alternative to a lettuce salad, then this is the salad I turn to. 51 more words

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