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Court orders presidential apology for linking unions with FARC guerrillas

Words don´t kill, but in Colombia public denunciations often precede the paramilitary assassins.

That´s why a newspaper column written seven years ago by an adviser to then president Álvaro Uribe is still making news in Colombia. 521 more words

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Horrific acid attacks in Colombia rarely result in investigations or convictions

More than 1,000 cruel assaults with corrosive acids since 1997 have resulted in only four convictions, Colombia´s national prosecutor´s office revealed this week as the nation copes with a rash of recent attacks. 519 more words

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Colombian dies in horrendous acid attack, as nation remembers assassinated champion Gaitán

The nightmarish rampage of acid attacks continues.

As Colombia marks today the 66th anniversary of the assassination of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán – the presidential candidate who brought dreams of equality to the nation – there is news of yet another acid attack. 572 more words

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Yet another Bogotá woman attacked by acid-throwing assailants, pressure grows on government to act

Yet another Bogotá woman has been attacked by acid-throwing assailants as pressure mounts on the Colombian government to do something to halt the nightmarish attacks. 555 more words

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Acid tossed in Bogotá woman´s face highlights Colombia´s ugly, shocking crime

A container full of corrosive acid tossed in the face of an attractive, young Bogotá woman has shocked even this nation numbed by decades of revolution and violence. 449 more words

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National prosecutor claims solving select Unión Patriótica assassinations a priority

After decades of denial, Colombia hinted this week it could be serious about investigating the thousands of deaths of Unión Patriótica party members.

That the state could be unable to convict many of the thousands of assassins is beyond belief, especially since its long been established that military and security forces planned and participated in the campaign of political genocide. 544 more words

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Bomb severs transporation links between Popayán and Cali

Stay in Popayán long enough and sooner or later your connection to the world slips away, whether it be severed by bombs, blockades, or earthquakes. 477 more words

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