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Enlightened Gratefulness

Perhaps wise folk would say that hardship and suffering enlightens us in identifying things that we take for granted…

I have hard days, but I still force myself to get a move on and get out of the house to continue my work and visiting people. 842 more words

Peace Corps Paraguay!

Medical Monopoly

I’ve been in Tana since Friday staying at the transit house, the Meva, for volunteers on what I now refer to as “Medical Lockdown” or “Meva Jail.” I’ve started to picture the last week of my life as a game of Monopoly – stopping to visit different doctors like properties, pulling chance cards with new symptoms and instead of collecting $200, collecting medications. 727 more words


As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I stayed with a lovely couple in the capital whenever I visited. They just so happened to be USAID Foreign Service Officers. 229 more words

Peace Corps

Baktun IV Beginnings

Here I am in Miami, Florida.

Packing was a sleepless all-nighter; a blur of clothing and toiletries, playing cards and hiking gear, jars of local honeys and jams snugly tucked into socks, into plastic bags, into the nooks and crannies of luggage with hopes that they’ll arrive to Guatemala in one piece to be gifted in thanks for host family generosity. 498 more words


Mid-Service Conference, part II

What have I accomplished in one year, personally and professionally? Am I satisfied? Is my project staff satisfied with me?

*Disclaimer: There are a lot of “I” statements in the following post. 1,027 more words

Personal Experiences

Mid-Service Conference, part I

Am I really halfway though?

I have a lot of dates bouncing around in my head- June 19th: one year in country, August 23rd: one year of service, August 27th: one year in site, but the fact of the matter is, I am halfway through my time here. 743 more words

Personal Experiences

Bridge to Ukraine/Мост в Украину

Today, Eastern Rinok is excited to announce that we are merging our efforts with a project called Bridge to Ukraine (B2U)! B2U is an organization that was started by former Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine. 278 more words

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