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Go Bucks!

This photo made it into the Ohio State Alumni Magazine a little bit ago:

The caption reads:

Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque makes a stunning “i” in this photo submitted by Ron Erb ’82, ’85 MS.

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Meet this live chicken!
know that your students will kill
it so you can eat.

Daily Haiku

Last Day of School!

Today I woke up at my usual 5:00am, headed out to Gaira where I spent the morning at my school, and around noon I caught the bus back into town (after a minor setback due to a protest closing the road into Santa Marta).  676 more words

One Month in Africa

I was afraid to join the Peace Corps.

There you go, I have now posted it on the internet for the world to see.  Oddly enough two years ago this October I started my first application for the Peace Corps.  471 more words


Has it only been a week?

السلام ءليكم!

I have been looking through my journal and also my photos to come up with the perfect first blog entry in country. The problem I am running across is that it is incredibly difficult to convey the complex series of events and emotions that I have been going through this past week. 1,260 more words

Peace Corps

On Expectations

As a Jesuit-educated, semi-adult person trying to confront the big changes of Peace Corps, I told many people that I was coming to Mozambique “without expectations.” You may have even heard me say, “Expectations are dangerous; they only breed disappointment.” To my twenty-something millennial mind, I sounded very wise. 1,020 more words

Peace Corps

Snapshot: Community Based Training (CBT) in Sidi Kacem

My host-niece and I

CBT mates studying

A gift from my Host sis

Grand Taxis: 4 min in the back seat

View of Meknes

Rachel’s New Bestie… 48 more words

Peace Corps