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Jonathan Cohen

Steven and I met just over a decade ago. Steven called me – out of the blue – to talk about our overlapping efforts at Peace Games and the Center for Social and Emotional Education (now, the… 890 more words

Peace Games

Meridith Gould

To Steven’s Loving Family:

When I learned today from a colleague of Steven’s death, my heart started to literally hurt. I remember how gracious Steven was to me about 10 years ago when I reached out to him via email when he was working at Peace Games. 291 more words

Peace Games

Silvia Diazgranados

I met Steven in September of 2002, when I was living in Boston and looking for a professional practice to finish my undergraduate studies in psychology. 1,153 more words

Peace Games

Irene Antonellis

I have rarely felt more supported, encouraged, and seen than during my times shared with Steven; he always recognized and celebrated my unique skills and gifts and inspired me to share these with others. 164 more words

Peace Games

Julie Lacouture

I don’t have one particular story about Steven, but rather just a warm feeling about working with him 15 years ago at Peace Games. 

Working in a different department from Steven, I didn’t have much time with him, but I remember a corduroy jacket and a warm smile appearing at my door and the feeling that we all needed to raise our game when he joined the staff. 144 more words

Peace Games