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Why So Much?

Why So Much?

Why so much?  It never ends!
One man denies, and one pretends
Some lies and we will never know
Or will we?  How will this world go? 90 more words


Light Up The Darkness

I’m a real cheese ball when it comes to movies, especially movies with cheesy inspirational messages, even in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse.

One of my favorites is I Am Legend starring Will Smith. 217 more words


Video: How Yoga Brings Peace to Prisons

…and Keeps Inmates from Becoming Repeat Offenders

United World of Yoga wrote about this several months back.  See the accompanying article HERE.



trudging like zombies 

to the hum of wires

breathing in false air

ignoring others

the sun, it burns

the screens, they comfort

wires leaving marks on our skin… 51 more words

Enfold My Soul

Enfold My Soul

A Poem By Joy Aletheia Stevens


This is what you see of me
At the end of self I be
A refining process for all to see… 64 more words

God's Love

My Meditation

Usually whenever we think of the word meditation, we begin to picture someone sitting cross legged with their eyes closed sitting silently inhaling and exhaling slowly. 117 more words


preparing for the war

dusting our wounds

with the lost souls of others

coated with cold

surrounded by hot summer air

marching to one harmonious drum… 33 more words