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With my eyes on your back

                                    I follow where you lead

                                                                 Reduces pressure

                                                                                Increased speed.


Completely trusting

                  You the road to show

                                            Eyes down

                                                     Staying in your flow. 78 more words

My Life In A Suitcase


If a heart is broken
Mend it

If a soul is broken
Embrace it

If love exists
Declare it

If hate exists
Destroy it

If forgiveness is needed… 15 more words


"I am JESUS, the only name that saves"

In this letter, the Lord is pleading to get ready and
explaining that His coming is actually really soon.
September 21st, 2010.

Dear Friends of Christ: 678 more words

It's NOT Rocket Science

I look on and weep as the country my Lord was born in tears itself apart.

Yet their leaders build walls – keeping out the infidels (maybe) but at the same time imprisoning their own hearts. 287 more words

The Land Which Hope has Forsaken

For the Palestinians, August is the cruelest month. It mixes death and destruction. Yesterday a cease fire was agreed in Gaza, which was supposed to last for 72 hours but lasted for less than five hours. 146 more words

Climate Change

Contemplation With NOWMAN- #10: Equanimity In A Challenging Situation

(c) 2013, 2014 by Daniel Niswander

Equanimity is defined as maintaining mental calmness or composure in what would be called a difficult or challenging situation.   230 more words