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The Depth of Marvelous Moments: A Book Blog

Is anything better than falling into the depths of a good book? Books are made of paper, string, glue, and ink. When these materials are alone they don’t seem very significant, but when put together they can be life-altering. 205 more words


A Safe Space To Express Yourself Without Being Judged

On behalf of the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation, we want to thank all those who participated in our January 29 Living Together Movement forum discussion in Manhattan, New York. 400 more words


My Testimony

As Christians, we all have a testimony. For some, it’s very easy to have one ready upon being asked. For others, it may be a little more difficult. 1,999 more words

Deep Stuff

Keeping It Real

I have been putting off blogging a lot more this week for one reason, time constraints, and two: I never want to profess to have a handle on something I don’t, or be a fake. 482 more words

Practicing The Four Agreements........

 I just love the book “The Four Agreements”.  When I read it, I was immediately inspired and drawn to living the wisdom shared in the book.   11 more words


One Thought

One thought dripped down reluctantly,

into the vast and lonely

sea of forgotten thoughts.

As it sank into oblivion

and fused with notions unconfined,

it believed it would be accepted at last, 50 more words


[From the web] As raw as it can get. Tears in my eyes drown me. by Ed Dela Torre

As raw as it can get. Tears in my eyes drown me..

The words are from a friend activist-poet, Aida Santos.

On the way to Tacloban airport, she saw people awaiting the bodies of some SAF (Special Action Forces) who were killed in Mamapasano. 347 more words

Human Rights