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Judgemental people make me sick!

Today I was out and about and I was just waiting for the tramway to arrive. Like a normal bored teenager, I decided to take a look around me and observe what is going on rather than stay with my nose in my iPhone. 386 more words


What are we talking about?

“Fuck Israel!”

That’s what my friend said to me last night, over some steaks and shakes. And, of course, as a child of Israel, born on the Sabbath, Jew to the core that I am, I slapped the shit out of him and told him “If I ever see your sorry ass again, I will  479 more words

Anxious Decisions And Quitting My Job

If you’ve lived with anxiety you know how it can lead to hasty decisions (just to make it stop!)

For me it would keep me from attending class most days and eventually discontinuing high school. 1,063 more words


If I Forget You O Jerusalem...

I’ve never been a big fan of metrics, but sometimes the numbers are so significant that you must pay attention to them. My congregation has an active FB page, with over 700 ‘likes,’ and a common post will garner 2-350 hits. 418 more words

Moving stories

A friend who is in the stressful throes of moving house this week still had time to catch up with the BBC programme Children of Syria.  99 more words

The Wider World

Gaza-Israel Peace Events in DC this week, starting tonight

There is a lot of activity happening here in the nation’s capital calling for an end to the siege of Gaza, here is a summary with links for more information. 149 more words

Peace Action

I'm for Peace

I’m for peace because war hurts everyone and every thing.  It destroys the people we LOVE.  It is my believe that no war should be able to take place until mothers from every single nation meet and decide what to do about any and all disputes.   142 more words

Artists 4 Peace