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SUNDAY MORN ( 2014 )

Good morning sun we meet again

One feels your warmth upon the pane

We hear the sounds of creatures small

As one by one they coo and call. 56 more words


A man of peace for Easter

This picture by Vince Di Caro is called The Mahatma Colours.

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Drawings And Paintings

Good Morning!

This truly is yet another wonderful morning! Not just because we are all alive and kickin’ or because the sun is shining (it always is, even when we can’t see it!), but even moreso because this is the day we remember what God, through Jesus, has done for us! 405 more words


How to Create more Peace in the World

“Every time we breathe in, go home to ourselves and bring the element of harmony and peace into ourselves, that is an act of peace. Every time we know how to look at another living being and recognize the suffering in him that has made him speak or act like that, we are able to see that he is the victim of his own suffering. 58 more words


The Grass is Always Greener...Why is That?

“People say grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It’s green where you water it, so water what’s important!”

I read this quote within days of seeing this picture depicting spring in Canada.

163 more words
Diana Schwenk

PA, PAD, DAY 19, PROMPT: Color


Radiates deeply
This body, this soul warming
A new energy.

(Without my laptop this week, thus, no images :( )