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Finding Time to Breathe

Hello, everyone!

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve written. Since the time of my last post, I’ve started my senior year of school, completed one month of that senior year, and barely found time to breathe. 277 more words

On UAVs for Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention

My colleague Helena Puig Larrauri recently published this excellent piece on the ethical problems & possible solutions to using UAVs for good in conflict settings. I highly recommend reading her article. 1,867 more words

Humanitarian Technologies

TC-109: Technology for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

I’ll be teaching a course for TechChange on ICTs and peacebuilding next month. I’m really excited to be facilitating it, and I was really thrilled to see the final cut of the course introduction video we produced today: 33 more words


Mozambique rivals sign peace deal

Mozambican President Arnando Guebuza has signed a peace deal with ex-rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama, who on Thursday emerged from two years in hiding.

President Guebuza hailed the deal to end a low-level insurgency as “a very important day for our people”. 201 more words

State Building

Euro Top

Update 30 August: The European Council meeting has ended with the announcement that Poland’s Donald Tusk has been named the President of the European Council and… 1,001 more words


Why have women been excluded from peacebuilding in Sudan?

The 22-year-conflict in Sudan, which consumed so much of the country’s resources, ended with the secession of South Sudan to become an independent country in 2011, and the fighting played a major role in hindering women’s empowerment in Sudan. 808 more words

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Limitations of the Responsibility to Protect

“I’m worried at the moment we’re reaching a turning point, particularly over Syria, where the rethoric of R2P is starting to become too far detached from the reality of R2P for them to be brough back together”. 126 more words

Humanitarian Intervention