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Update 30 August: The European Council meeting has ended with the announcement that Poland’s Donald Tusk has been named the President of the European Council and… 1,001 more words


Why have women been excluded from peacebuilding in Sudan?

The 22-year-conflict in Sudan, which consumed so much of the country’s resources, ended with the secession of South Sudan to become an independent country in 2011, and the fighting played a major role in hindering women’s empowerment in Sudan. 808 more words

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Limitations of the Responsibility to Protect

“I’m worried at the moment we’re reaching a turning point, particularly over Syria, where the rethoric of R2P is starting to become too far detached from the reality of R2P for them to be brough back together”. 126 more words

Humanitarian Intervention

The Plague Year: The UN's Ebola Response

Last week at UN Headquarters, a meeting was convened under the auspices of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) that represented some of the best (if not most time sensitive) of UN capacities in action. 499 more words

Digital Games and Apps for peace

The first time I sat down to listen to someone talk about using games for peace was at the Build Peace 2014 Conference last April. Asi Burak, president of… 639 more words


A Peace Church Perspective on Peacebuilding in the Philippines, Gaza and Iraq

I learned a lot about armed conflict by working in the field that I couldn’t have learned in my middle class Canadian neighborhood. My close Muslim and Lumad (Indigenous People in the Philippines) friends told me stories of running for their lives every few months during intermittent fighting. 39 more words

Harmony With Others

5 more free online courses on peace and conflict

I previously posted a list of free online courses that were about to launch on a whole host of peace and conflict issues. Most of these have finished now. 581 more words

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