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#OntheSpot – Guilty Pleassures

Those Awkward Moments

A Typical Monday at St. Peter’s

Twitter in Real Life

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Israel Retrospective, 31Jan2014

So usually I start work at ten, but today I start at noon, and as a consequence I have SOLVED A MYSTERY.  Every morning when I wake up there is a great deal of thumping and noise coming from my roof.   53 more words


Pesky or pretty Paparoa Peacocks

Peacocks are everywhere in the NZ country side. When we camped for the first time on our 10 acre block in the rolling hills near ‘the village in the valley’ Paparoa I was hoping to see the NZ native birdlife that occupy our little native forest. 208 more words

A To Z Challenge

Tattoo Pain, or Things More Bearable Than Indecision

Hey reader, how you doing? Good, I’m glad. Oh, how am I doing? Well, I’ve been banging my head against objects in both a literal and figurative manner (and my knees and elbows – my funny bones are killing me) trying to figure out a specific theme for this blog. 967 more words

Peacocks and Peacocks

The Peacocks of Mayfield Park are a lot of fun to stop and watch.

Someone needs to tell this guy he’s parked in a tow-away zone… 12 more words