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It Really Is a Predicament

In last week’s post we compared the predicament that humanity finds itself in with that of yeast in a wine carboy. Initially the carboy has lots of space for the growing yeast population, there is plenty of sugar to for it to “eat” and the pollution levels of the alcohol byproduct are tolerable. 619 more words

Climate Change

extraction / exploitation

phenomena like climate change, desertification and the peak in conventional petroleum production have been caused because human productive activity has been primarily extractive and exploitative towards the environment, and therefore never sustainable. 64 more words

Designed Forest

Links for the Week Ending 16 July 2014

I haven’t posted for quite a while. Basically, family commitments have eaten into my blogging time, and this state of affairs will likely continue for an indefinite period longer. 1,003 more words

Climate Change

New Wine

Welcome to the first edition of the blog Christianity at the Peak. In this blog we discuss some of the wrenching changes due to environmental degradation and resource depletion that our society faces in the coming years and how Christians can respond. 591 more words

Climate Change

Coming of Age in the United States

Milton Friedman said it best, “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.“ Why must this quip ring so true in our hearts and in our minds? 152 more words


Global Oil Prices Caused US Shale Gas Phenomenon

Much has been written about the US shale gas phenomenon and the “fracking” technology which, according to popular opinion, is responsible for it. However, analysis shows that in reality another global phenomenon the high global oil prices, is responsible for what some call the US “shale gale”. 905 more words

Shale Gas

Transition Kingston Meet-up

I had the chance to go to a meeting of Transition Kingston recently. It was an informal get-together where those interested in meeting other like-minded Kingstonians could have a beer and talk about energy, sustainability or whatever. 162 more words