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Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?

Was it really only a couple of years ago when the world was supposed to be running out of oil and the price of a gallon of gas was supposed to go over $5 never to come down again? 367 more words

Politics And Public Policy

Death Throes of the System

The dragon is writhing, desperate to avoid the pain of what it hasn’t yet recognized as the beginning of its demise. Its huge barbed tail, thrashing against the walls of its lair, is knocking down bigger and bigger rocks — more unavoidable end times stuff. 1,382 more words

The Current System

cheap oil bad for economy

well, cheap oil is bad for duck cheney’s economy not mine. mebbe if a barrel gets cheaper he will have a heart attack and die. 500 more words

Planning together for the storm

I don’t want everything I write to be negative, so what I want to say today is that while tough times are coming, forewarned is forearmed. 610 more words

Peak OIl

Hype Kills; Crude Oil Edition

Remember the ‘Peak Oil’ hype that was promoted far and wide as trend followers disguised as financial analysts exalted the likes of T Boone Pickens, Jim Rogers and a host of commodity/resource gurus?  82 more words

Crude Oil

Peak Oil, Yes and No


I have an Australian friend who works on an oil drilling platform off the coast of Tasmania. He sent these photos from his phone. Pretty cool, huh?  1,775 more words

Strong Towns


December 13, 2014       
Lies told often enough do not become truth. Torture is still torture, no matter how many times we call it enhanced interrogation. War is still war, no matter how many times we call it bringing peace. 310 more words