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First over the cliff?

Having read “Too smart for our own good” by Craig Dilworth (another gem found in the department of foreign languages of Tallinn’s library) one really wonders how much time mankind have left. 122 more words


Australia’s Declining Oil Self Sufficiency

Australia’s Oil Vulnerability – The Key Trends

As the world enters the Peak Oil era, it’s important to identify some of the trends which contribute to Australia’s oil vulnerability. 406 more words

Peak Oil


Perhaps one day we will know the truth and have closure, perhaps we will not.

One thing is certain now though, this war will not be ignored much longer.


Caribbean Energy Experts Recommend Creation Of New Caribbean Centre For Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency

Caribbean energy experts recommend creation of new Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE) – A Centre of Excellence to Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Energy Industries and SE4ALL… 740 more words


What Peak Natural Gas? - #1

While researching for my post, Encore question: What Peak Oil – #36, I browsed a bit more of Dr. M. King Hubbert’s 1956 paper, … 1,135 more words


Encore question: What Peak Oil? - #36

Some commenters on the ‘net did not agree with my previous post which combined the U.S. production of crude oil with natural gas (dry) and NGPL. 471 more words


Never Mind Russian Gas; What About the Oil?

Why is no-one talking about European dependency on Russian oil?

Amidst the assumptions and accusations currently flooding the internet and air waves re flight MH17, the call for ‘stronger sanctions’ against Russia from the US government is loud and clear. 374 more words

European Sanctions