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Efecto real del fracking sobre el PIB de EE.UU. El fracking desenmascarado.

Eduardo Martínez Abasca
l, profesor de Dirección Financiera del IESE, muestra que:

son falsos los estudios que afirman que el actual crecimiento del PIB estadounidense se sostiene sobre la aportación del fraking a su economía.

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Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades but Master of None


In last week’s post we discussed the drought situation in São Paulo, Brazil. It turns out that this is not the only part of the world suffering from the effects of no rain and a sinking water table. 2,093 more words


Gas / Au / Ag / Cu: The Great Commodity / Currency Wars: What’s Up? What’s Down? What’s Really Up? What’s Going Down? (November 17, 2014)

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E1          “Today’s high-tech town criers, LED scoreboards broadcast the news from every street and street corner.  They proclaim that gas prices are down, gas prices are down, gas prices are down.  792 more words

Foreign Policy

Buy two, one goes free of ...........petrol/diesel

89, or is it 85, not sure exactly but that is how long more we have to get free of  our fossil fuel dependency so  I hear.   240 more words

Additive, Substitutive, Subtractive

Open Access Millennialism is the belief that the world of scholarly publishing has a purpose and is moving toward the fulfillment of that purpose: at some point (but when? 1,416 more words

World Of Tomorrow

From Every Perspective, Community

In trying to understand the state of the world today, I have come across three major theories: Peak Oil, Income Inequality and the Separatist Standard Narrative. 2,891 more words

Finding Happy

Urban Farming Revolution

An inspiring example of urban farming in Pasadena USA. A family of five, 6000 lb of produce per year from one tenth of an acre. Solar power, biofuel, hand-driven gadgets, chickens, ducks, goats. 91 more words

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