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Peanut Butter Cream Pie

I’ll approach it classically, head on – I shall seek a definition!
Several avenues are open to start, which to chose? Begin where my mind does, demarcation away. 409 more words


my new favorite treat.

Be warned: these are rich. But oh my sweet goodies, they are SO good.

I’m a huge fan of peanut butter & chocolate together. Seriously, it’s my kryptonite. 602 more words


Halloween Muddy Puppy - a last minute Halloween dessert recipe

Do you call it “Muddy Buddy” or “Puppy Chow”? I grew up with both names for this dessert. I like them both. I can’t decide which one I want to call it, so for now, I call it “Muddy Puppy”. 256 more words


Apple, Peanut Butter Bites

Most heath nuts I know have a weird obsession with peanut butter.  My husband probably eats peanut butter everyday.  While I don’t hate it, I like to serve it in different ways. 180 more words


Trick Or Treat!!! Candy Corn & Salted Peanut, Peanut Butter Cookies

Happy Halloween everyone!!! I just love this time of year don’t you? Scary movies, dressing up in costumes, crisp October night air and the excuse to eat all the candy corn I desire. 298 more words




September 28, 2010

mike and napes discuss the following topics……

penis forests……

sesame street pulling katy perry……..

phil davison……

pat tillman’s brother……

doing it in the ball pit……. 45 more words


Something Completely Different Fridays!

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Forty—Onyx the Barn Kitten.

My day alone seemed to go by in a flash.  I napped on the couch, on each tier of my condo, on Grandma Brown’s bed, on Lolly’s bed, on Bailey’s bed, on the kitchen matt, on every single dining room chair, on Grandma Brown’s recliner, on Lolly’s desk chair, and her foamy chair—honestly, the list would be shorter if I named the places I didn’t sleep: outside. 710 more words