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Survivor Tree September 11, 2001

This is a true story of a pear tree that on Sept 11, 2001 was badly burned, it had been located on Church Street at the World Trade Center. 52 more words


The Fruits of My Labour

Ok.  So there is no labour involved in the production of pears at the Twenty Second Avenue Farm.  They pretty much just do their thing. Or they don’t.   350 more words



I would like to introduce you all to one of my resident bastardsquirrels. His name is Simba for the way he finds the tallest notch in the tree and looks over his pride of bastardsquirrels with his full mouth and full belly.  379 more words


Living stars in my hands

I cannot remember just how many nights I’ve spent out of doors as a child. The many evenings I spent prowling around my yard and neighborhood when the day was done and the sun had retired for the night. 1,066 more words


Coming soon...

Our pear tree.

It is situated on a hill.

It is the source of our farm’s name.

And it has many fruits.

Coming soon this fall….pears….off of our pear tree, of course. Yippee.


In The Heat, A Battle

Laurie pointed out that there was a bluebird in the bamboo being attacked by a hummingbird — by the time I got outside with my camera, the bluebird was standing its ground atop the pear tree next to the bamboo. 40 more words