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Fall Colors and Jacques Le Jester Bear

I was getting ready to have dinner when I saw the pear tree in fall colors. I had to stop what I was doing and run out with the camera. 148 more words

Man sentenced for charging 86-year-old $8,000 to cut down tree

WICHITA, Kansas – A man who charged an 86-year-old woman more than $8,000 to cut down a pear tree has been sentenced to prison in Sedgwick County District Court. 197 more words


He Grew Roses

Hello  friend.  I hope you have been well.

Fall makes me remember.   Sitting in a classroom and reading a book surrounded by children with the rain and chill outside.  101 more words

A Few Damp Fall Friends I See Out My Window

Sunday—the dry spell that we’ve been enjoying came to an end, and since then we’ve been treated to the dark side of an Iowa fall—cool, wet, monotonous rain with none of the dramatic skies and energy of a summer storm. 498 more words


Fleeting Fall

I hear on the news just now that people should take their fill of the leaves this weekend (a long one here), they are at their peak.   108 more words


Terrible Goddess

by Yoko Danno

Among piles of dust and ashes lie
yesterday’s fireflies—motherfucker,
mother earth, who swallows all
sentient beings—have you ever
thrown up corpses from indigestion? 107 more words


Pears & Apples

The first pears are falling off of our two pear trees, so we’ve officially begun harvesting. I haven’t identified the variety yet. Pears are not like apples; pears should be picked when still hard, but when the stem easily separates from the branch when the fruit is lifted, and allowed to ripen on their own. 392 more words