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Searching for Lady Portland: Ground Kontrol

I am in Portland’s Pearl District. If Tatooine is the farthest place from the bright center of the galaxy, this is the universe’s chaotic core. There is a timelessness to Pearl. 962 more words

a different kind of pearl (update)

The Overton, the proposed 250′ tower between NW 12th and 13th in the Pearl, is coming along nicely. After a series of design advice sessions with the city, the ZGF and Ankrom Moisan design team has returned with a simplified podium, a gradient facade, and a more defined presence at street level. 306 more words


PDX: Lovejoy Bakers

Last month, I got to live my lifelong dream and escape the arctic tundra of DC for the verdant valleys of Portland, Oregon. I’m surprised I made it back to the east coast, but somehow I did and I’m back, and every single day I’ve thought about hopping a flight back to Portland to give in to my cravings for a snack or a sammy from this very locale. 769 more words


Spring in Portland

You guys, Portland is seriously one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in the spring. Living in Texas for the past ten years, spring was kind of nonexistent. 83 more words

The Ecotrust Building

Detail of The Ecotrust Building (Jean Vollum Natural Capital Building) in The Pearl District, seen from the east side along NW 9th Avenue.

The Situation Of Our Time

“The situation of our time surrounds us like a baffling crime.” — W.H. Auden

Temporary public art installation in Jamison Square | NW 10th Avenue | The Pearl District