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RIP Ernie Banks

The baseball world and the 1968 set lost a legend this week.

While moving to Lakeland has slowly converted me to a Tigers fan, I grew up a Cubs fan and will always consider them my National League team. 313 more words

1968 Topps

"Let's Play Two" Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks Has Passed Away at 83

Ernie Banks retired before I was born. I didn’t grow up watching him play but his enthusiasm resonated throughout each game the Cubs played.

I didn’t need to watch him play. 342 more words

Chicago Cubs

Friday Fives - musicology edition

What album do you enjoy every song on?

I wish I could tell you it was Blood on the Tracks, which I think is an absolute masterpiece.   767 more words

Pearl Jam: Poniendo a la Industria en el banquillo

Para 1994 Pearl Jam era ya una banda a la cual el mundo le rendía alabanzas. Dos discos tenían en su haber, y ambos habían sido excelentes: Ten y Versus. 605 more words

Reseña Disco

A History of My Life in 10 Songs

I have been reading Greil Marcus. I haven’t read “A History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in 10 Songs” yet, but the title intrigues me. One night I couldn’t sleep, and the result is the following chronological history of my life in ten songs. 1,262 more words


Motoring Discourse Of The Week - Flux Capacitor

Simple Story

It’s a simple known science that words actually take you in an imaginative world where you like to be. Because they trigger the start of the mind game in your own known imaginative world. 4,922 more words


The Historian: Masters Of The B-Side

By Spencer. In today’s day of single-song iTunes downloads, the B-side is something of an archaic institution. Strictly speaking, “B-side” once referred to the extra tracks that would be packaged onto a single, and distinguished such songs from the “A-sides” that comprised the single itself. 1,314 more words