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'Freedom Village' -- Another Attempt At A Song Like Pearl Jam's 'Black'

I really respect Pearl Jam’s “Black” and so this is my attempt to write a really dark, sad song like that. I want to write a breakup song, I guess. 136 more words


Dull -- Another Pearl Jam Tribute Song

Here is another song in the style of Pearl Jam’s Garden.

Lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner

stuck in bed with a pain
that won’t go away… 95 more words


Inspiration: Pearl Jam

My music is Grunge because that was the music that found me, in 1991, when I was 14. Music was life then; it spoke to me, moved me, rocked me like it never had before or has since. 759 more words


PJ's Vitalogy Turns 20, Billboard Revisits The Album

“…I don’t wanna take what you can give. I would rather starve than eat your bread…” Corduroy is the fave from this album. Better Man follows it. 2,144 more words

Pearl Jam

Music I Cannot Live Without (Day 98)

Wanna feel withdrawal
Want an overhaul
Wanna be there, hard as a statue
Black as a tattoo, never to wash away…

Pearl Jam – Gonna See My Friend… 7 more words


Venus (v2.0): A Homage To Pearl Jam's 'Black'

This is my attempt to write a song similar to Pearl Jam’s “Black.” This is a tough song to write for a number of reasons. I noticed studying Black that there wasn’t a traditional chorus. 259 more words