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Pearl and flower motif necklaces

Whenever I wear black, which is not often, I end up either adding yet more black in the form of facetted black beads or it has to be pearls.   49 more words


Day 26: Salad Bar

Living in a “mixed flock” offers all kinds of opportunities to make observations about, among other things, victuals preferences.

For instance, amongst the featherless beings, they seem to share a rather universal affiliation for something called a “bar.” 213 more words

Shannon Cutts

Between Operator issue

SQL Server Table


ID  Name  Salary

1   E1    10000

2   E2    20000

3   E3    30000

4   E4    40000

5   E5    50000


select * from tblEmployee where Salary between 10000 AND 40000… 38 more words

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Espresso Parts Presents TNTNW at Christopher David Experience

Last month we had the absolute pleasure of presenting #TNTNW at The Christopher David Experience (CDX) in Portland’s iconic Pearl District. CDX is an amazing space. 198 more words

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tiara time: the Alba Wedding Tiara

Today we take a break from Danish Tiara November in honor of the Duchess of Alba who passed away early Thursday morning at the age of 88. 429 more words

Tiara Time!

A Sky Full Of Stars

The first glance from those eyes,

And I knew you’d be the mystery I’m never gonna solve.

You’re a sky full of stars-

A sky filled with ineffabilities, 179 more words