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Spill Painting

This has to be one of the greatest ways of producing art the EWC team has ever seen! What does this mean? Would/should/could we all make some sort of extraordinary art if we had the creativity to think in terms of simplicity and a new way of using materials? 11 more words


Ripples of Hope

This blog follows on from Train up a Child, and my reflections of 18 September 2011:

When I helped Ryan move to Cape Town at the end of April this year (2011), we managed, between unpacking boxes and buying missing items for his new home, to find some time to spend together on the beach. 756 more words

Marion Ueckermann

Rippled Water


 I turned to Jesus because my heart was breaking.  He came immediately and cupped my teary-eyed face in His hands and touched my cheeks with His lips.  245 more words

Carnivorous Plants and Killer Ants: PBS NOVA Shorts

Remember getting jazzed to see your elementary school teachers wheel in one of those huge old televisions on a cart, only to have your expectations fall a little when he or she popped in a grainy VHS cartoon about proper tooth brushing, or “human sexuality and the body part chat.” On a “good” day, there might be be a pirated PBS video about weather or preventing forest fires. 513 more words


inside the box

“It’s what’s inside that counts.”